Czech Casting Nikola 7612

tour_m.jpg Name: Nikola
Age: 22
Location: Louny
Occupation: cashier
Characteristics: inexperienced girl

Nikola came to us, because she wants to become a model. Well, why not, that’s our job, isn’t it? However, she had quite different kind of modeling on her mind. She was more than surprised when she found out we will want her to get fully naked. And when we asked her to rub oil all over her curvy body… We all were a bit shocked, how could it be possible, that such a piece of ass is so shy… Then the big secret was revealed. Nikola has only had 1guy. No, seriously, SHE ONLY SLEPT WITH ONE GUY!! Well, gentlemen, that’s what I call challenge. Will any of you help her to discover all beauties of sex?

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