Czech Mega Swingers 16 Part 2

Czech Mega Swingers 16 – Part 2


The party is not over, wild orgy still goes on. However, we will leave the screaming and shouting of people having sex and we’ll take a tour into one small room, into a place where a private party has started. Our cameraman performed a daring stunt. He invited four girls into one room for the same time and created his own, and rather original, version of swingers party. Just one guy and four horny girls… Can you imagine anything better? Well, did I mention two of them are sisters? No? Well, now you know. Even though I don’t think anybody would read so far after finding out about the sisters, I still want to say: ENJOY THIS VIDEO, because it’s fucking great!

MP4 1280×720 22:29 689MB×720-2000kbps.wmv
czech-mega-swingers-16-part-2-1280×720-2000kbps.wmv – 689.7 MB

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