[FLASH] Limit!? Oniichan vol.2.5

“I love you, little girl, I love you.”

The 3rd exciting ADV story in the Limit!? Oniichan series!
When he reaches the limit ANYTHING is okay!
Of course that means even rape is possible!
Embrace the challenge and the power of big brotherhood in this new scenario!

It’ll have to happen in an enclosed place with nobody else…
Yes, like an elevator.

You and a young girl alone together,
where if there’s an incident you can lock her in…

Yes. You ride the elevator with the beautiful girl.
It’s moving… then suddenly stops. The emergency button
doesn’t work, cell phones don’t work, who knows how long
you’ll have to wait. What do you do?

FULL ANIME ADV that explores the “what if” of perverse male fantasy.
From sweet to hardcore developments… this time the theme is r*pe.

* Limit!? Oniichan vol.2.5 continues the story from vol.2, but can be enjoyed without knowledge.

* Instant access! Proper animation! Gasping ecchi!
Fully animated, fully voiced, low priced! The 3rd Limit!? series title is here!
All new characters, all new story in ADV mode, and of course robust viewing mode!

* Original story with gorgeous animation!
800×600 30fps smooth animation!
Bouncing breast, expressions bursting with personality, facial cum, creampie, gapeface,
sex scenes created with special attention to realism!

* Tons of faces! Half nude lewdness! Resisting heroine!
Of course she struggles against your advances. Toy with her as you like, she’ll submit!

* Of course FULLY VOICED heroine! Climactic sex scenes.
Hentai eros with satisfying sexual voice acting!
Her shrieks of pleasure elevate all play – more carnal, more immersive.

File size: 673.2 MB

http://netload.in/dateijWVfSEZxMD/Genkai 25.zip.htm
Genkai 25.zip

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