Czech Casting Alexandra 7749


Czech Casting Alexandra 7749 HD

Name: Alexandra
Age: 23
Location: Prague
Occupation: administration
Characteristics: perfect full boobies!

Alexandra did competitive dancing and you can clearly see that it had it’s effect on her figure. Though she’s a little heavier at the moment, you can still feel the tendons and muscles move under that smooth skin. She’s a perfect combination of feminine aspects that make men lose their minds. Her breasts are especially sweet! Check her out!

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Czech Casting Renata 7727


Czech Casting Renata 7727 HD

Name: Renata
Age: 19
Location: Bilina
Occupation: student
Characteristics: loveable face

This 19 years old brunette came to us from a great distance, all the way from Bilina. She came because she wants to be a photo model and she left as a hardcore model. What a nice change of attitude, right? We are good at making people reconsider their opinions. And we love that! And you will love Renata, her sweet beautiful face and adorable body of a teenager. Just take a look and fall in love.

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Czech Casting Petra 7721


Czech Casting Petra 7721 HD

Name: Petra
Age: 25
Location: Prague
Occupation: ladies’ tailor
Characteristics: skilled fingers

Petra is one of those girls that come here out of curiosity. They don’t need money, they are just looking for new experience. And they usually leave with a handful of those. Petra is 25 years, but still young and naïve at heart. She has a little experience with photographing, but she’s really nifty and she did really well during the photo-shoot.

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Czech Casting Barbora 7757


Czech Casting Barbora 7757 HD

Name: Barbora
Age: 20
Location: Prague
Occupation: nurse
Characteristics: NILF (nurse I’d like to fuck)

Nurses, oh my God nurses… Only the sound of that word is sexy. But wait to see Bara’s face and her body, you won’t believe your eyes. She’s gorgeous, sweet and she knows where to touch, what else could you ask for? Bara first came and wanted to film with her boyfriend. She was decided she will start filming hard-core scenes, but the boyfriend was her condition. Well, very nice plan, right? However, in the end it was our cameraman who enjoyed the seductive curves of her body… Watch and enjoy, I’m heading to hospital, I feel like I need immediate treatment from a certain nurse…

WMV 1280×720 24:20 526MB
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Czech Casting Monika 7758


Czech Casting Monika 7758 HD

Name: Monika
Age: 20
Location: Brno
Occupation: student
Characteristics: she has a very nice round butt

Monika is a complete amateur, with an adventurous nature and a lot of varied hobbies that keep her busy all day long. Doing erotic photo-shoots may be her new hobby! She has an interesting face and overal demeanor, which combines nicely with her young sexy body. Seeing her in action will surely be a treat for every true Czech girls fan! Enjoy!

WMV 1280×720 20:20 452MB
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Czech Casting Dominika 7723


Czech Casting Dominika 7723 HD

Name: Dominika
Age: 18
Location: Uvaly u Prahy
Occupation: model / actress
Characteristics: young sweetie

Some girls are cute, some are pretty, some take your breath away and leave you staring. Dominika definitely belongs into the last group. She is young, sweet, horny… She must be a dream girl! She came ready to do anything, she did not hesitate for a while and she enjoyed it all. Our cameraman was shocked and pleased at the same time. I’m sure you will be as well. And by the way, doesn’t she slightly remind you of Hermione Granger?

WMV 1280×720 26:20 580MB
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Czech Casting Anna 7682


Czech Casting Anna 7682 HD

Name: Anna
Age: 24
Location: Prague
Occupation: student
Characteristics: Ukrainian beauty

It doesn’t happen very often, but today we are proud to offer you a foreigner. Anna came to the Czech Republic to study. She comes from Ukraine and it’s not very difficult to tell. The Eastern charm is easy to notice and her accent will tell you the rest of the truth. Anna was a bit shy first, however, who would not be? After a while she got used to all the lights and cameras and so we can present her in full bloom. Enjoy this outstanding video for far East.

WMV 1280×720 21:20 469MB
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Czech Casting Regina 7726


Czech Casting Regina 7726 HD

Name: Regina
Age: 59
Location: Prague
Occupation: retired
Characteristics: young at hearth

Now something completely different… The wine gets better with age. Do women? Well, that’s a question… Maybe our today’s video will help you decide about the answer. Regina is a woman of age, she had an interesting life and she didn’t lose her spirit and lust. She’s still young at heart and she has needs to be fulfilled and experience to be shared. Anyway, watch this video, it’s something you don’t see every day.

WMV 1280×720 24:20 536MB
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Czech Casting Lucie 4251


Czech Casting Lucie 4251 HD

Name: Lucie
Age: 22
Location: Roudnice
Occupation: sandwich maker
Characteristics: tits you’d kill for

Lucie is a charming young woman that found out that the easiest way to earn money was by filming porn. God choice, Lucie!! When you work 12 hours shifts, the idea of making money by just being naked seems almost like a dream. The fact that you have to be hot doesn’t matter, because Lucie is hot as hell. Wonderful body, pretty face, ass like a teenage girl and tits like you have never seen before. Yup, that’s Lucie. And she’s determined to build a career in here, so we can all expect big things from her.

WMV 1280×720 25:20 567MB

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Czech Casting Barbora 4263


Czech Casting Barbora 4263 HD

Name: Barbora
Age: 22
Location: Prague
Occupation: masseuse
Characteristics: a bisexual little devil!

Getting someone like Barbora is always a pleasure. She doesn’t hesitate to talk about her life and her view on things as well as being very open to all kinds of fun. Her body is absolutely amazing, with smooth skin and perfect boobies. And when she got a chance to express her bisexual cravings, she just couldn’t resist! This is one of the best videos in our collection!

WMV 1280×720 35:20 793MB
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