Czech Casting Hana 4304

Czech Casting Hana 4304 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Hana
Location: Cheb
Occupation: unemployed
Characteristics: sassy mama

Hana is a blonde with a dark history. She used to work as a companion, which in fact is just a fancy whore for a prostitute in a club. Well, at least she’s ready for anything that will come upon her. She herself said erotica will be fun for her after what she did before. She’s quite determined, she didn’t hesitate for a while and said she would like to film with guys. I guess this is something you shouldn’t miss, this girl has a lot of tricks to teach you.

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Czech Casting Vanesa 4407

Czech Casting Vanesa 4407 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Vanesa
Age: 28
Location: Northern Bohemia
Occupation: translator / fitness coach
Characteristics: perfect body

Here’s another example why it’s good to do sport. Roman is 28 (or maybe 34, she doesn’t seem to be sure herself), but her body is just perfect. No wonder, because she works in fitness center as a coach for fitness, kick-boxing and so on. Add her tanned skin and nice round boobs… Now imagine her in tight leggings, sweat running down her perfect body… God, I think I will start going to gym again….

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Czech Casting Tereza 4316

Czech Casting Tereza 4316 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Tereza
Age: 20
Location: Kutna Hora
Occupation: student
Characteristics: perfect blonde

Tereza is one of those girls that look like dolls. Shiny hair, pearly white teeth, big eyes and a sweet smile. But what a horny doll this one is… Take a look at Tereza, her wonderful body, young and perky boobs and the ass that will haunt you in your dreams… Tereza is as close to perfect as possible. You will love her, I can promise you that. Enjoy!

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Czech Casting Barbora 4296

Czech Casting Barbora 4296 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Barbora
Age: 23
Location: Southern Bohemia
Occupation: maternity leave
Characteristics: young horny mother

Let’s face the fact, Barbora is beautiful. Her body and face, that’s just perfection. Her smile will get you to your knees; her body will make your heart beat faster. And when you find out how horny she is, you are risking a fit. At first, Barbora refused to get naughty, but as soon as she saw the dildo, the sparkle in her eyes started burning and she tuned into a hungry cock monster. Not even the cock of our cameraman was spared… Enjoy.

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Czech Casting Lenka 4312

Czech Casting Lenka 4312 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Lenka
Age: 22
Location: Brno
Occupation: model
Characteristics: promising model

Lenka is a normal fashion model with abnormal rack. Normally you don’t see an underwear model with C cups tits. Lenka is the exception we’ve been waiting for so long. She never did more that artistic acts, but I’ve got the feeling that’s about to change very soon. Her boyfriend left to German three weeks ago and Lenka is starting to be extremely horny. Add our handsome cameraman and the cocktail is ready for your pleasure. Enjoy, my friends.

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Czech Casting Veronika 4400

Czech Casting Veronika 4400 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Veronika
Age: 25
Location: Prague
Occupation: model
Characteristics: body you’d die for

Ok, guys, calm down. Now, this is very serious. What we are dealing with here is pure perfection. I mean it! Veronika is 25 years old and works as a model- We have had many models here, but this is special. Why? Try to find a single flaw on this creature. Perfectly shaped face, her body is tall and slim, all the curves are fascinating. And now… The tits… Isn’t that a miracle? Can you believe these are naturals? I took a long while to stare at them and I have to say I fell in love. And wait for the ass, guys. That just cannot be described…

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Czech Casting Jana 4308

Czech Casting Jana 4308 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Jana
Age: 30
Location: Prague
Occupation: waitress
Characteristics: sexy witch

Wild dark hair, hypnotizing eyes, look that makes you shiver and pale white skin… Sounds like a beginning of a horror story, but this story will be much sweeter. Jana may look like a witch, but she’s just an unsatisfied woman, craving for an orgasm. Please her and she will roll in your arms and purr like a soft kitty. But dare to fail and she may turn into a real beast…

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Czech Casting Lucie 4410

Czech Casting Lucie 4410 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Lucie
Age: 20
Location: Lysa nad Labem
Occupation: maternity leave
Characteristics: Young busty mother

Every girl wants to be a model. And some are willing to just about anything. Lucie came to our casting only two months after she gave birth to her child. That’s a strong will, we have to say. Anyway, thanks to the pregnancy Lucie acquired the womanly full shapes and I’m sure all men who like chubby women will love her. Here’s the young busty mother, gentlemen. Have fun.

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Czech Casting Anna 4207

Czech Casting Anna 4207 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Anna
Age: 20
Location: Prague
Occupation: student
Characteristics: wolf in sheep’s clothing

When you look at Anna, you will see a good girl with pleasant face, always smiling and helpful. Who would expect she has seven piercings on here body (can you find them all?), she likes bondage and hard sex and she had a girlfriend for a while? Yeah, Anna is one big surprise, but luckily rather enjoyable one. One little hint about the piercings… She’s got THREE of them down there…

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Czech Casting Anezka 4378

Czech Casting Anezka 4378 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Anezka
Age: 34
Location: Jicin
Occupation: unemployed
Characteristics: hairy beaver

Well-kept blonde called Anezka came to us, as many others, because she couldn’t find a job and needed to earn at least some money. At first she wanted to be a fashion model, but after a few attempts she realized it would be much easier in erotica… And here she is, sharing every curve of her wonderful body with you. Sit down, lean back, relax and enjoy this marvel!!

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