tour_m.jpgName: Monika
Age: 21
Location: Prague
Occupation: student and part-timer
Characteristics: absolute bisexual

From the sexual point of view can 21-years-old Monika be easily defined as a perfect organism. This tall student of tourism is an absolute bisexual, at the moment living with a person of the same sex, but the fact whom is she fucking doesn’t matter to her at all. She just takes everything she can. Isn’t it risky? Our story could end with this, because pretty Monika isn’t shy at all and from the beginning we knew she will show us much more than her beautiful body. However, the she told us she has huge psychical and physical problems with blowjobs. That’s just crazy. Do you want to see our cameraman trying to talk her into giving him a head? Just click and watch.

WMV 1280×720 36:47 835MB
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Name: Radka
Age: 21
Location: Ostrov
Occupation: unemployed
Characteristics: fire fighter

Our one and only casting has seen hundreds of girls of various occupations, but a voluntary village fire fighter, that’s something we haven’t had here, ever. And most probably we will not again have. If a 21-year-old blonde, Radka, competed for the title of Miss Firefighter, she would almost certainly win. Or do you know any other fire fighter as beautiful as Radka? Anyway, this is, by far, not everything that will shock you. You’ll hear the confession of this nice and sympathetic fire fighter about her hard decision to start filming hard erotica for the money; you’ll see her struggle with a troublesome sanitary tampon which just wanted to be part of the show. This is an episode you won’t forget.

WMV 1280×720 18:24 418MB
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tour_m.jpgPublished: 10/31/2011
Name: Tereza
Age: 21
Location: Prague
Occupation: student
Characteristics: Playboy girl

Another girl from the pages of Playboy magazine! We sure made a business of spoiling softcore actressess! Our rate of releasing „first time“ harder videos of prospective Czech girls is something we have to congratulate ourselves upon. Join us in our quest of making them all spread their legs on camera! Long-legged Tereza made our cameraman dizzy, so he almost screwed up the photo-shoot. It seems that the only thing that kept him alive after the initial shock was the sheer willpower and the idea that he could maybe, just maybe, drill the hell out of this exquisite piece of Czech ass… Alas, not every day is a “fuck this beauty and get paid” day… some days are just these regular “finger this Playboy playmate and get paid” days…

WMV 1280×720 21:18 484MB
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tour_m.jpgName: Arina
Age: 20
Location: Russia
Occupation: university student
Characteristics: bosom after her father

Here we are with another, international, casting in which you’ll have a chance to see a sympathetic 20-years-old girl from far away Russia. Her name’s Arina and she’s studying here a prestigious economic university. She seemed really nice, but you could see she had no experience with anything like this, because she was apparently frightened, shy and not very talkative. During the interview she got more comfortable and told us about her boyfriend who would definitely not be very happy knowing she was revealing herself in front of camera. It looked like we’d have just a while to lay our eyes on her subtle girlie body and that would be the end. But the language barrier was useful for the first time. This slender blonde absolutely didn’t get the meaning of “hard erotica” and she was expecting romantic erotic scenes like in a Hollywood chick-flick. When she saw the boner of our cameraman for the first time, she was more than shocked. What happened next? Did she run away or will she let our actor to fuck her romantically?

WMV 1280×720 30:21 689MB
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tour_m.jpgName: Lucie
Age: 21
Location: Pilsen
Occupation: student
Characteristics: frisky freckled school-girl

Here we are with another, appropriately nourishing, casting exploring the population of beautiful Czech girls and women. Today we’ll be exploring Lucie, a suave student from Pilsen, looking barely legal. Lucie is gorgeous and very extraordinary girl, fighting the tanned and posh Barbie-girls with two weapons; wonderfully freckled face and sweet little freckled ass. It may seem unbelievable but she’s already been through a lot in erotica. Negotiating about her getting fucked in front of the camera was piece of pie then. Enjoy Lucie’s perfect body, sweet pussy. And wait for the end to see her sucking out all the cameraman’s cum. A must-see!!

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The largest casting on Earth! The most beautiful Czech girls – willing to do just about anything for a chance to become a famous model!
You’ll see a fresh girl every day with no idea what to expect at the casting. They’ll even reveal some amazing facts about their personal lives! Each girl gets a shocking offer in front of the camera: Have sex with our cameraman in order to get more and better paid jobs.
No script, no fakes! This is reality!


Name: Nikola
Age: 22
Location: Ostrava
Occupation: porn top model
Characteristics: legendary model Nr. 149

With this episode we have conquered the highest peak amongst all other castings. What you’re about to see in today’s episode is something no-one else is able to offer to you. This is a pure master-piece. Is there anyone who doesn’t know the famous model, legendary model Nr. 149? 18-years-old newbie model back then, Nikola let the cameraman fuck her for the career and money. Naive Nikola became a celebrity overnight shocking all central Europe, occupying covers of tabloids. Today, 4 years later, Nikola Nr. 149 is back! One of the biggest Czech sex bombs, experienced as for erotic business, boobs upgraded from A cups to E cups. This girl appears in wet dreams of every man. Divine Nikola sat down on our white couch and we had a lot to discuss. Apart from interesting stories busty Nikola told us she’s preparing something big. Gentlemen, enjoy this, but remember you won’t be able to get rid of boner even a week after watching this video. Enough talking, let’s watch what Nikola and our always horny cameraman had prepared for us.

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