Czech Casting Alena 0203

Name: Alena
Age: 21
Location: Prague
Occupation: unemployed
Characteristics: forgot to bring her boobies

Let all your friends know, gentlemen! Alena is one fine young piece of ass. She’s one of these Prague girls, known to take extra care of their looks – whatever it is Mother Nature decided to endow them with. These Prague girls just never give up on looking their very best! Alena had to have a hard time being one of these girls, though. And not just because her chest is flat – that alone is a very unfortunate thing to happen to someone born in the boob-lover’s paradise that is Czech Republic… But! Here comes the magic! She has such a beautiful figure that she looks like she’s been carved from the finest piece of quality marble ever found. The effort put into looking this beautiful shines like some kind of sexy aura all around her. She used the results of her hard work to get work in some very interesting porn projects. How will this thin and perfect starlet handle our cameraman’s picky and overindulged dick?

WMV 1280×720 28:17 642MB
Czech Casting HD Alena 0203.part1.rar
Czech Casting HD Alena 0203.part2.rar
Czech Casting HD Alena 0203.part3.rar

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