Czech Casting Jitka 7706


Czech Casting Jitka 7706

Name: Jitka
Age: 22
Location: Brno
Occupation: bartender
Characteristics: busty and husky

Jitka does not have the body of a model. She has the body of a woman and that’s much better. Especially because it allows her to have HUGE TITS!!! You will just love them. Jitka wants to start career as a soft model and even though we tried to talk her really hard into filming a scene with our guy, she managed to resist. Well, not completely, but you will see for yourself. Once again, this was HER FIRST VIDEO EVER and you are amongst the first who will have chance to lay their eyes on every part of Jitka’s body.

WMV 1280×720 29:20 639MB×720-2000kbps.wmv

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