I swear I have never experienced a New Year’s Eve celebration like this. Bar full of beautiful girls who did not have any inhibitions. Beautiful blonde Lucy and her friends became my allies for tonight. Together we occupied girls’ bathroom, and each girl who had arrived had to show her breasts at least. Although it was worth a pile of dough, but before midnight, there was probably no girl who wouldn’t show her breasts in fornt of an inquisitive eye of my camera. Furthermore Lucy and her friend took care of some quality lesbian show, so I had a nice buzz in my pants. The time passed and the alcohol in everybody’s blood raised into terrifiing values, I took the role of voyer. On the men’s toilet, I managed to shoot some fucking of totally drunk girl with a guy who she probably saw for the first time in her life. The poor girl flaked out after she found out I had recorded them. When it finally seemed that I will be the only one who won’t fuck that night, she came into act. An angel. I had to have her. We finished the morning in my car on a street and I gave a creampie to her pussy. It was just fantastic, so I cummed into her mouth for the second time. Finally she let me record her peeing. I hope I it was’t the last time I saw her and I hope you’ll like this part. All a lot of sex in the new year!

51:27 / 720×576 / WMV / 773MB
czech-streets-21-720×576-2000kbps.wmv – 773.3 MB

Date: December 17, 2011

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