Why are you using Keep2Share?
It has several reasons…

The main reason is that Keep2Share is the most stable and secure FileHost(CyberLocker) ATM! and the most boards accept Keep2Share…and that the FREE USERS AMOUNT is set to Unlimited!

Why do I have to wait so long between downloads?
Because you are a FREE USER!
Not a single hoster accepts unlimited downloads for free-users!
They have to earn something too!

You have to wait for each file!
That means, when you have downloaded a big file,
you have to wait up to 4 hours for a next download!

I can’t get a higher speed than 50kb/s… Can you help me?
This is the usually the limiation-speed for a free users!

Where can I create a premium account?
You should create one through our ref-link!
This would help us out to pay the server!
And you would get your PREMIUM + Nice Adult Stuff!

I want a premium account without paying anything!
You can try to manipulate the router settings with JDOWNLOADER!

But beware, once you get cashed by Keep2Share, you will see a perma-banhammer!
See Google, how many are cyring! You have been warned!

I can’t download from Keep2Share, it always gives me an error message!
This is mostly a problem for FREE USERS only, PREMIUM works fine!

Keep2Share is working to fix it!
I’ll hold you on the line!

Downloadlink doesn’t work, can you reupload it please?
Due to the nature of the contents listed on this site, it could happen that some of them are reported for copyright infingment. All we can suggest is to come back visiting us often to follow our daily updates. Bookmark us now and if you want to be notified about our posts and Please tell me which link was removed and We’ll fix it!


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