Czech Casting Kristyna 4409

Czech Casting Kristyna 4409 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Kristyna
Age: 22
Location: Kolin
Occupation: studies languages
Characteristics: slut or slave

Oh, my God! This is unbelievable. The star of today’s CZECH CASTING, the gorgeous brunette Kristyna went really wild in front of the camera. We haven’t had a girl horny as her yet. She was shy at first, but when she got used to us; then it all started. When she was 13 she dreamt of being deflowered by a porn actor, when she was 14 she wanted to shoot porn. She really enjoys home videos. Her fantasy is to have a man who’d treat her like a slave. We were breath-less. Wait to see her in action. In front of the camera she turned into a horny slut that fucked Ales like if it was her last time ever. We are not worried about her future career in porn business. Is she can keep this appetite, she will be a star. And guys, just imagine she’s alone. Is there any experienced, dominant guy who’d show her who the master is? Kristyna need to tie down and get her ass whipped.

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Czech Casting Josefina 4412

Czech Casting Josefina 4412 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Josefina
Age: 19
Location: Orlicke hory
Occupation: just graduated
Characteristics: good girl

Do you like to watch good village girls succumb the temptation? Then the next video of the biggest casting ever is exactly for you. What can you expect? Meet Josefina, freshly graduated girl from Orlicke Hory who decided to have career in modeling. She’s beautiful and she seems kind of fragile. You just have to appreciate the natural looks and charm. Hard to believe she wants to work in IT. She kept saying from the start she wouldn’t show more than underage could watch. She’s shy, has no experience and her boyfriend has no idea that somebody else has seen her wonderful body, not just him. But today the long-haired Josefina met a problem. Big temptation in the form of our cameraman. She did like him a lot and when he started massaging her with oil, she melted like snow in spring. And when he raised his sword, dear Josefina just forgot about her good manners. This will be BIG!!!!

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Czech Casting Veronika 4324

Czech Casting Veronika 4324 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Veronika
Age: 19
Location: Kolin
Occupation: waitress
Characteristics: exhibitionist with no restraints

If you want to see something that’s not main-stream, you came to the right place at the right time. The next casting video brings you amazing girl with seductive eyes called Veronika. Don’t get confused with the prayer beads on her neck. She didn’t elope from a monastery and she doesn’t use it as a protection against horny men, for example our cameraman. ON the other hand, this single beauty’s pussy is always as hot as lava and since she’s an experience exhibitionist, you can look forward to something out of the regular. Do you understand that this kinky waitress dreams of being fucked in the very center of Czech cultural life, in the National Theatre?! How cheeky is that? You just have to see this.

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Czech Casting Lucie 4404

Czech Casting Lucie 4404 HD CzechCasting

Czech MegaCasting Mega Casting

Name: Lucie
Age: 25
Location: Ceske Budejovice
Occupation: interpreter
Characteristics: not for young ones

Do you know the feeling when you hit the bulls-eye? The rush when you win a race? That’s how we fell when Lucie walked in, the blonde goddess of beauty. We knew that if we could convince her to do something wilder in front of camera, we’ll break the casino’s bank. This sexy long haired girl from the South has all it takes to become the main star of any prestigious modeling agency. During the interview she told us she’s afraid of her father who’d kill her found he she got naked in front of camera. But that’s her only problem; otherwise she’s self-confident and maybe even cheeky. Wait to see this beautiful body, luxurious ass and tits right for one’s hand. What do you think? Will our cameraman talk her into some expedition into her pussy? He can be really convincing. You will find all that in this casting. Enjoy!!!

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