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We are a site which is devoted to celebrating women who smoke cigarettes. It is very sexy and atractive. As an addition to beauty of women.
Though we are probably one of the best sites in the world based on this theme. Here are some infos and explanations to orientate you on our pages.
We are different than other worldwide sites and forums. We build a community that is designated to men and women together. We do prefer sharing and discussing all aspects of smoking and cigarettes independently on gender. Women do not take everything which is taken or turned on by men. We want to be a civil server with regular life’s themes, extended by attraction of smoking cigarettes. You find no explicit erotic stuff or porn here.

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Hi guys! Here you can get a cloud of smoke right in your face or… even better… beautiful mistresses will smoke while hardly lashing you. And you’ll surely enjoy fresh ash of the mistress’s cigarette falling on your dirty ass… So enter to see what smoking mistresses do with their slaves.