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I started smoking at age 11. I started of my own will, I saw a documentary on smoking and I just had this visual addiction to smoking. So I just started looking it up online and then I started. One day I was sitting at an elementary school near by, and asked for a drag from a friend of mine, I took the biggest drag. It just filled my lungs and felt right. I just thought the way people held it was cool, I just was completely addicted to the idea of the smoke entering your lungs the way you feel it go down inside you and when you breathe it out you feel it all letting go and you see it, right there, it’s like you’re alive. I prefer Red 100’s… if I’m drinking, then menthol. As far as brands go, nicotine is nicotine you take what you can get, right? I don’t smoke cigars on a regular basis, but I do on occasion, and yes I would for customs. I use to smoke 3 packs a day, but with prices now a pack can last me anywhere from 2-3 days. My parents don’t like it because, “I’m killing myself”. But they too smoked at my age so can’t really say anything to me.







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