After Porn Ends

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Asia Carrera, Tiffany Milion, Richard Pacheco, Mary Carey, Chrissy Moran, John Leslie, Amber Lynn, Shelley Lubben, Raylin, Seka, Houston, Randy West, Nina Hartley, Luke Ford, William Margol, Jenna Jameson, Kylie Irland, Tera Patrick , Ron Jeremy, Juliette
Genres: documentary
Video language: English

The film introduces some of the oldest adult industry stars and talks about their lives at the end of their careers. Someone accepts it with pride and without regret, as a way to finding harmony and happiness in life. Others have a career in porn led to despair and suffering, and they do their best to get rid of the consequences of working in the industry.

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Duration: 1:33:02
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Cicciolina my love

Release Year: 2013
Genres: All Sex
Video language: English

Chicholina leads erotic transmission on the radio. A young man falls in love Rikkardino, which affects the relationship with his girlfriend. Chicholina decides to help the lovers …

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Duration: 1:23:09
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Unforgettable Poses in Sex

Release Year: 2011
Genres: Sex Education

Are you tired of the usual positions for sex? You want to gain experience, more knowledge perhaps? You want to experience the indescribable joy after sex? Then this video is for you! Take the traditional sex manual a step further by outlining entire bedroom scenarios, from seduction to sexplay to positions, including the transitions in between. Both partners learn what to do, how to do it, and what to do next–eliminating any awkward or disappointing moments and creating the sexual tension that leads to amazing climaxes

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Duration: 1:42:50
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Sexual Pleasure Vol.1: Modern Loving

Release Year: 2004
Genres: Teaching Sex, Not Censored, Adults Only, Sex Toys, Masturbation, Cunnilingus, Oral Sex, Positions
Video language: Russian

Sexy … Saucy … Fun! Watch as real couples discover the secrets of sex at its best. Britain’s hottest new sex ed films! Written by Cosmo Magazine’s Sex Editor Sara Hedley, Modern Loving delivers easy-to-follow sex ed tips that are hard to beat. Real couples explicitly demonstrate techniques and share their likes and dislikes. Discussed is how to boost a partner’s libido, choose the right "toys," indulge in more sensual positions and see not-so-obvious ways to keep things "fruity," Brit style.

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Duration: 51:25
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The Sexually Liberated Female

Release Year: 1970

Documentary on female sexuality and the sexual habits of women. Among the subjects covered herein are fellatio, sunbathing, sodomy, bubble baths, belly dancing, masturbation, and various pelvic exercises a woman can do to increase sexual stimulation.

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Duration: 1:05:04
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Analsex For Lovers

Release Year: 2010
Cast: Mia Magma (as Mia), Will Steiger
Genres: Teaching Sex, Adults Only, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Positions

In a tastily arranged and photographed environment, this guide explains the, er, ins and outs of anal sex and the requirements necessary to make it a pleasurable experience. This practice demands trust and understanding from both parties. Leave it to this guide to show you what to do or not to do – and, most importantly, in which position to do it. This instructional video also includes tips on proper foreplay.

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Duration: 1:19:27
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Totally Nude Aerobics

Release Year: 2000
Genres: Music | Reality-TV

A beautiful dynamic film with elements of eroticism and the participation of beautiful professional actresses-athletes. Mastery, an unusual camera angle and the professionalism of the director, actresses reveal the beauty of a naked female body in motion. The film is used as a guide for professional athletes. It is easy to see which muscle groups work when performing this or that exercise.

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Duration: 53:02
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Night Club Flashers #27

Release Year: 2012
Genres: Documentary, Flashing
Video language: English

For guys, night clubs can sometimes be challenging to get into. Either the bouncer is a dick or they have an imbalanced female-to-male ratio requirement that restricts them entry. Either way, any guy who gets to go inside this club is one lucky fucker because all the girls are half-naked and dancing like whores!

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Duration: 1:47:08
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Sexual Encounter Group (1970)

Release Year: 1970
Genres: Erotic, Documentary
Video language: English

A bunch of young people get together in a sexual encounter group in a mansion on a hill so they can explore each other’s bodies and shed their carnal inhibitions.

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Duration: 1:21:39
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Gina Devine, Marek – Trust My Love

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Gina Devine, Marek
Genres: All Sex, Strapon, Anal, Oral
Video language: English

Marek has always been one to try something new in the bedroom and today with willing Gina it would be a day of firsts for him.
Looking incredibly sexy in her black lingerie she starts by gently kissing him, putting him at ease with what’s to come. Working her way down his body caressing every part before tending to his rock hard cock with her mouth, slowly teasing him being sure to take her time.
It’s at this point she slides on her strap on sliding it slowly into his nice tight asshole whilst playing with his hard length, enjoying it so much he climbs on top allowing it deep into his ass.

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Duration: 28:36
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22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn Ons

Launch Yr: 2005
Video language: English

If you wish to make your sex life extra intense and inspirational, this program, that are mixed with the ingenious concept of tried and examined strategies for you! Be part of a world main consultants and you’ll change into expert and unforgettable lovers.

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Length: 1:18:06
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Welcomed Consensus – Doing And Vaginal Penetration – Thunkspots-1700

Workshop: Invited Agreement
Cast: Instructor as well as his aide.
Categories: Sex-related tutorial, sex-related overview, climax, self pleasure
Video clip language: English

Exactly how to create clitoris as well as utherine climax in a female.
Hands-on infiltration while DOing: Thunksposts .
Thunkspots: stress delicate areas obtainable inside a female’s vaginal canal when she is effectively engorged.
What you are visiting in this tape is a female in a hightened state of climax generated by hands-on excitement of her clitoris.
Whatever you will certainly see right here is trustworthy, repeteable as well as recordable.
This video clip is produced individuals that have as their objective a premium sex life.

Style: MPEG
Period: 48:21
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Welcomed Consensus – Deliberate Orgasm Vol.1 – Expanding Female Orgasm

Workshop: invited agreement
Cast: Fitness instructor and also pupils
Categories: Sex-related tutorial, sex-related overview, climax, self pleasure
Video clip language: English

Just how to create women intentional climax !
Calculated Climax – Increasing Women Climax was the initial video clip generated by the Welcomed Consesus.
Initially launched in 1996, it has actually been remastered for DVD.
The Invited Agreement are looks into for sensualism that have actually been instructing considering that 1992.
This video clip was influenced by the Monitoring of the Intense Upcoming (OIC), when of one of the most preferred programs we instruct, which shows a female in climax for a hr.
Making use of the layout of the training course, this video clip was fired in une continuos absorb front of an online target market.
Inquiries positioned by the pupils incorporate the essential ideas of Calculated Climax.
This famous video clip is valued fot its splendor of details and also is a standard that can be taken another look at over and over again.
What you are visiting in this tape is a female in a hightened state of climax generated by hands-on excitement of her clitoris.
Whatever you will certainly see below is reputable, repeteable and also recordable.
This video clip is produced individuals that have as their objective an exceptional sex life.
Throughout this presentation will certainly be utilizing language thath might appear off-color to the basic populace.
This is a fuck-oriented culture. When individuals discuss sexing, they are assuming fucking.
What we are showing today is a sex act we call DOing, something you can add the enhanche the sex life you alredy have.
We are below to increase your minde.
This is a sensuous experience, we will certainly really feel every stroke.
It is our objective that after seeing this video clip you will certainly leave far better and also really feel extra.

Style: avi
Period: 38:24
Video clip: 624×480, DivX 5, 330kbps
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The Art Of Penis Pleasuring

Launch Year: 2013
Categories: Sexual Penis Massage Therapy
Video clip language: English

It is an old art. Currently it has a contemporary spin. With each other they bring it to brand-new elevations. She has an entire series of unique abilities at her fingertips. For his pleasure she brings each of them to bear upon him. She has something unique for each inch of his outstanding member. Gradually as well as discreetly she services his satisfaction. He looks unyielding yet her womanly wiles will certainly bring him down. He cannot hold up for life. When she thrives she obtains every little thing from him that she desires.

Layout: mp4
Period: 29:16
Video clip: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 4860kbps
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