[3D FLASH] Customized Girls Fight

Create your own 3D girl with 150+ different of clothes, hair accessories, skin colours.
Then you can fight and rape her in multiple interesting game modes.
After you defeat the female enemies, You can gather more items from them and use these items to customize your own girl.
Here are some exciting features of this cool game:

– 5 different levels of well programmed AI.
– All clothes can be broke and ripped off during battle.
– Breakable environment, Different weathers.
– Alot sex positions to use during battle.
– Each character has 40+ fight skills!
– Be able to mod, We will official pack later.
– Real-time lighting and shadow casting.
– Exciting sound effects and voices!
– You can cutomize your girl with 7 different parts: Hair, Upper Clothes, Lower Clothes, Stockings, Shoes, Accessories, Skin.
– You can adjust the transparency of the clothes.

File size: 632.6 MB


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