[3D FLASH] (Even More) Perverted Girlfriend

Hexenhaus presents its 3rd volume of animation production!
Full-3D toon-rendering makes possible the dynamic movements of the actions made by a girl in an illustration style!

Reine Misato is a naughty and one-track minded girl.
You (the player) are her live-in boyfriend.
You wish to finish a report to hand in before tomorrow, but she is in heat and tries to seduce in this way or that way.
It’s up to you to accept or ignore her temptation.
Enjoy a heartwarming moment of the daily life with a selfish girl who has extraordinary perverted taste!

This is the complete edition of “Perverted Girlfriend.”
You can now enjoy the story from the point of view of the first person (boyfriend).

– This is a Flash Animation game rendered in 3D from beginning to end.
– Lip-synchronizing and character’s movement using prescore (voice samples recorded beforehand).
– Realistic movements of clothes and liquid with the help from the physical calculation plug-in.
– Minimum censorship in the rendering stage.
– Unique sound effects for liquid and cross-sectional views.

*Features as the complete edition
– Dialogs are added to the erotic scenes and images are in higher resolution.
– Erotic scenes are more than doubled in amount.
– Story in dialog with the girl is added.
– Useful options such as album mode, save/load function and scene review more are featured.

Total size: 3.3 GB in 3 files.

https://netload.in/dateiHOUcFop03W/3D Flash Perverted Girlfr!end.part2.rar.htm
3D Flash Perverted Girlfr!end.part1.rar
3D Flash Perverted Girlfr!end.part2.rar

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