[3D SEX GAME] LoveChess Salvage

Artmunk Games is proud to a announce the of their new erotic computer game, Lovechess Salvage. Salvage is the latest addition to the Lovechess series and by far the most advanced version in both visuals and gameplay. Lovechess Salvage continues to explore the combination of the oldest strategy game in the world with an exiting erotic experience.

The Lovechess series are known for their stylish and lighthearted combination of erotica and chess and in this version things get even better. The game takes place in a post-war environment where the chess pieces are all dressed-up in bizarre outfits, ready to engage each other in battle.

Lovechess Salvage offers an abundant amount of sex positions, ranging from the, more common, Missionary position to the more exotic ones like Reverse Cowgirl or Man Bridge. This installment of LoveChess offers the player to actively guide the pieces to a climax, thus making the capturing of pieces even more rewarding.

Besides as a stylish and lighthearted erotic game Lovechess is also known for it’s intuitive gameplay and good chess engine. In this latest installment of the series we have upgraded the chess-engine to be even more challenging for both beginning and experienced players. Hours of both erotic and strategic fun are guaranteed!
File size: 245.2 MB


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