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I pay Czech students to lapdance on me. Here is the tapes 😀

Read below what it’s about, or jump to the videos

Welcome to my little fun world

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imageAbout 7 years ago, I moved to Prague, right at the center of Europe.

Here I made an  interesting discovery: I could ask basically any local girl to lapdance for me, for a few bucks.

In the U.S., I would probably get a 95% of GoFuckYourself, and possibly some lawsuits.

But in Prague, most girls are flattered if you ask them to strip and lapdance for you.

Since I have access to many young and good looking students here, I just did the right thing: I started asking them for this treatment regularly, and having a good time.


I am now also taping the results, with the help of a female friend of mine. I started this site to share  the outcome of this little hobby.

In the meanwhile, if you feel like, take a look at the videos.


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