Amy’s Big Wish – Vol. 2 – Scene 3 – Movie Night – Full HD 1080p

Mary, Bella (Mary’s wife/Maggie’s), & Maggie are having a movie night night in Mary & Bella’s bedroom. Maggie, lying on her stomach on the bed inbetween them Mary & Bella is wearing her bedtime clothes consisting of a thong & a midriff top. As they watch the movie Mary can’t help but stare at her daughter’s cute & perfectly round ass which just begs for some action. Mary’s cock pops out of her shorts & begins to slowly become erect. After the movie is over Maggie falls asleep in the bed, pregnant Bella tells Mary she could maybe wake her up by putting Mary’s tiny cock in her mouth. Mary is shocked at first to hear such things but Bella begs her to do it for her telling Mary she is so horny from being pregnant & would help unload these "pregnancy balls". Mary agrees to suck Maggie’s tiny cock. She pulls down Maggie’s thong revealing her tiny cute flaccid cock, she then holds it with her fingers. Bella starts touching her semi-erect cock as Mary begins to suck on the foreskin of Maggie’s flaccid cock trying to get it hard. Mary’s own cock slips out the bottom of her shorts & begins to get hard. While Mary is doing this we see what Maggie is dreaming about. While getting sucked off IRL in her dream she is being given a blowjob by herself as she leans against the kitchen counter. The Maggie sucking her cock is also jerking herself off at the same time. Maggie then realizes her family & other people are standing to the side watching. Both Maggie’s then get on top of the counter & begin to 69 each other. They go to town deepthroating each other’s cock. Back in the real world Mary has managed to get Maggie’s cock erect now & is sucking it her perfect little cock like a pro. Maggie then suddenly wakes up & is surprised to her Mommy giving her a blowjob. Bella tells Mary to keep sucking her dick & Mary does as her own pussy becomes wet. Bella sitting next to the bed watches the incest show as her own cock starts to slowly become erect. Maggie proclaims she’s about to cum, Mary keeps sucking & then remove removes her mouth off Maggie’s cock as Maggie’s precum from Mary’s mouth like a long thread of saliva. Mary isn’t done with her yet though, she takes Maggie’s cock in her mouth again & begins to suck on it faster & faster. Maggie tells her to stop but Mary continues on sucking it furiously. Mary then takes her fingers & inserts them all into Maggie’s ass with no warning, she pushes further as her whole hand fits in Maggie’s little asshole. Shen then wombo combo’s Maggie ass fisting her while sucking her off until Maggie can’t take it any longer. Maggie cums in Mary’s mouth as Mary takes the load of Maggie’s hot white sticky stuff. Mary kisses Maggie’s stomach and up her chest before she she kisses her neck. SShe then leans over Maggie & then kisses Maggie on the mouth then the neck again then sucks on Maggie’s ear. Bella has a drink while her cock starts to drip precum from the tip. Maggie asks Mary if she can ride her cock. Mary then lies back as Maggie grabs ahold of Mary’s huge cock & begins stroking it up & down as they passionately look into each others eyes.

Format: mp4
Duration: 8:05
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 10086kbps
Audio: 309kbps

File size: 615.7 MB


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