ElitePain – Battling Doubles 1

Details: 83 min.; a large variety of instruments

We have a new exciting game show again! Teams of doubles compete against each others. Each team gets a quiz question. The right answer worth 100 USD. If the answer is wrong, that team is cut from the game, and all prizes for the answers are given for the winning team. But – and this is a big BUT – even in case of a wrong answer the team can be saved by taking 10 lashes by an instrument chosen by the other team. And another important rule: If one girl gives up during the punishment, even the other team member can save the team if she accepts getting the double of the remaining lashes. The winning team may compete against a new team if they decide so.

File size: 687.1 MB – Battling Doubles 1.avi.htm
ElitePain – Battling Doubles 1.avi

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