So I’ve came to an idea of introducing my friend to you. I’ve chosen Marek, because he’s a limo driver and as such, he had a great idea of driving this super car to Kladno. Everything was ready, the limo-bar was full of booze and my pocket was full of quick money. So we just parked the limo right on the square and the result came right away. Nice girl named Jitka took a lot of courage from quite a lot of whiskey and she earned some money for her journey to England by sucking my cock. After moving to the local supermarket the shiny luxury of the limo attracted a shy student named Jana. After a few glasses of champagne she started to shine like the sun and, despite her shyness, she fucked like a devil. I would like to dedicate this part to Mara, because the poor boy had just to watch me enjoying that. It was a wonderful idea to go to Kladno, Mara, thanks!

56:49 / 720×576 / WMV / 853MB
czech-streets-10-720×576-2000kbps.wmv – 853.9 MB

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