I read lots of articles in newspapers and magazines about how university students earn extra money for their studies. And you certainly know that some of them have no problem with using their young body as a source of income. I grabbed my camera and went straight to the center stage for answers with a clear vision of successful hunt. At one annonymous university in Prague I started to catch young students and went straight for it. There was obviously no problem with communication, I even managed to persuade a beautiful blonde from Ostrava strip and show what she has between her legs. Too bad she refused to do anything more because she was really nice. The other girl, slim brunette, who earns extra money as a children’s nanny, was a bit distant at the beginning. I bought her a coffee and then offered her 20,000 crowns for a fuck. Then she counted her money in the toilets and then it went like a rollercoaster. She had amazingly tight pussy and it was a real bummer, because I somehow did not manage it and cummed right into her pussy. She got very mad because she didn’t use any contraception so we hurried to the pharmacy for Postynor. Well, hopefully everything goes well. Wish me luck. Thanks

24:49 / 720×576 / WMV / 371MB
czech-streets-23-720×576-2000kbps.wmv – 371.7 MB

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