Let me reveal you a great trick, how to ball a nice girl. I walked around the streets pretending to be an agent of modeling agency seeking new talent. But the girls didn’t even have to go for the casting, because I took some shots with my phone directly on the sidewalk. This new technique of fishing brought me abeautiful girl who works as a vice-president of one company. Because she was just heading for lunch, I invited her to a restaurant and I talked her into something for a really long time. Even if she did not agree to have sex with me, she agreed to show me her wonderful vreasts and pussy at the toilet. She hurried back to the office, but she gave me her phone and I don’t give up so easily. I ran to the station because it started to rain. There I saw a pretty girl with huge breasts. It found out she was from Slovakia and had just arrived in Prague. My trick with modeling worked on 100%, and even if she was very shy, she showed me something of her huge tits for 1 000. When I added 10,000 CZK in the pot, she lost her inhibitions and I managed to fuck her in a nearby park. It turned to be a dramatic event, because we are constantly being disturbed by passers-by, but finally everything went well. You sure will enjoy this film. Have fun.

31:54 / 720×576 / WMV / 478MB
czech-streets-26-720×576-2000kbps.wmv – 478.8 MB

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