“Hi, my name’s Martin and I took over Lada shooting for the “Quick Buck” craze. It was really demanding mentally, so he quit. I could not wait to grab the camera and go for some action. But in fact it is not that much fun. I walked the streets for one week trying to catch at least something. Vanity of vanities. That week I chatted up almost 30 women and girls in total and was successful with only two of them. In the park I came across a nice lady who just walked her dog. She was thirty-five and looked very good. I was trying to persuade her for almost 3 hours and it looked like she would slip through my fingers. But easy money has its unique charm. I offered her to cash in a little more and I got a beautiful blowjob as a reward. I am sorry because it was pretty dark already and I promise to take a videolight next time. She would even fuck me, but she was in a rush to cook dinner for her husband back home. The next day I sniffed again, like a hound dog in the streets until I found a nice bench with a pretty and very special girl. She was reading spiritual literature and really had a strange view of the world. But imoprtant for me was that she understood the meaning of quick dough and for 30,000Kc – I could fuck her in the bushes. Even if she did not seem like it, she was great and she even swallowed. Take a look at my first try and judge for yourself.”

25:39 / 720×576 / WMV / 384MB
czech-streets-29-720×576-2000kbps.wmv – 384.6 MB

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