“Hi folks. My name is Libor, and I am a Moravian guy and from now on I will shoot instant dough. It’s true. My predecessor, Martin didn’t have enough patience, so he gave up. My intruduction to the camera was not very good. Three days I wandered around Prague with no result. Then it finally came. I met a pretty blonde in the park while jogging (I can’t jog as I’m an asthmatic). This pretty blonde works as a store manager in Holesovice. I switched my persuading mode on and there it was. She showed me her tits, wet pussy and agreed to give me a fuck for 12 thousand. It was raining and while fucking I had noticed that over the fence we were watched by some homeless who was jerking his dick off. What a cultural experience that was. I cummed on her face and had a talk with the wanker, named Charles and I quickly ran away. Later in the tram I met, except for already known Charles the wanker, pretty and married lady. I invited myslef in her home for a coffee and cake. Although she was 50, she was really hot. I was persuading her for two hours but I had finally fucked her on the kitchen table for 10 thousand. Imagine the incredible nympho had wet orgasm and squirted the camera and me. Oh great. I have just never experienced anything like that. Quick money rules! Enjoy!”

39:33 / 720×576 / WMV / 594MB
czech-streets-30-720×576-2000kbps.wmv – 594.4 MB

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