The fidelity test project runs smoothly, but I got a little nostalgic and wanted to try something classic. Just to grab my cam and go hunting in the streets, just like in the good old times. Tomy, our founding father, really liked Petrin and always scored when he went there. So I thought I should try these venerable grounds too and went to the very places that shaped history. And Petrin really is a wonderful place, full of beautiful girls and women. But after a few tries it seemed like I’ll be going home with my balls still full. And then I chanced upon an unbelievable woman, or rather a little girl. Almost like a kitten or fledgling, she looked like a 15 year-old. Her name was Katerina, she was strikingly beautiful and it now comes to my mind that I didn’t even check if she was 18. I hope I won’t be wearing prison sweatpants because of her! Katerina was really cute, but also a little slow. She even asked me if, by chance, I happen to be the guy from CzechStreets… funny, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it took some convincing. Almost five hours! But because she really likes money, she let me fuck her for only 10.000 Czech Crowns! And all the time, she was getting calls from her boyfriend Lukas (seemingly a jealous freak), who didn’t buy the lies about her being with her mom. You’ll hear their whole insane phonetalk in the video, so go ahead, download and enjoy. This is hard reality!

WMV 23:19 720×576 524MB
czech-streets-44-720×576-2000kbps.wmv – 524.5 MB

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