Well friends, it’s amazing how many offers I got! There’s a lot of people willing to sell their wife or girlfriend for 50.000 Czech Crowns. I can just sit down and browse the hundreds of photos they send, picking only the most interesting and the most striking ones for my camera. In this episode, I traveled all the way to Decin. A guy named Martin sent me a heartwrenching request that he really needs the money. That wouldn’t convince me in itself, of course, but he sent me some photos of his girlfriend Eliska too… and, well, that made his plea really appealing. But I never though my mission to the north of Czechia would turn out as interesting as it did. When I arrived, only a lonely Eliska opened the door. She was shocked to see me, because she thought her boyfriend called the whole thing off. What a disappointment! But, determined not to leave with a full sack, I smoothly managed to get myself invited and commenced with coaxing Eliska into having some good olde fun with me nonetheless. A told her I’ll give her the money and act like I didn’t know her boyfriend wants to cancel our arrangement. That would mean she gets the money, but her boyfriend will think his girl remains untouched. I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed and I had one of the greatest fucks of my life. Her gorgeous pussy made the whole experience more than worth it. But after she gulped down the last drops of my lovejuice and I waved her bye-bye, we met Martin in the door. He was in a hurry to get home soon, wanting to tell me the transaction won’t happen! I played my part, acting like nothing’s happened, and left. It was a little tense, but me and Eliska managed to get out of a sticky situation… for the time being. This was one wild ride, see for yourselves!

WMV 720×576 19:47 450MB
czech-streets-46-720×576-2000kbps.wmv – 450.3 MB

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