[3D VIDEO] Dark Princess: The Faint Of Agony Desecrated Heroine to Evil

Length: Approx 36 minutes and half

Chapter Menu:
1. Opening (fight, neglect, defeat, bondage)
2. Bondage domination (nipple/teats, thighs/anal tantra)
3. Bondage virgin assault rape
4. Forced face fuck in restraint
5. Mealtime (vitamin enema and forced anal expulsion)
6. Final slavery (oral, anal, cowgirl, milking)
7. Edge of death (urine, tentacle hell)

Black Swan, leader of evil secret society.
A female fighter, a beautiful dark elf princess.
She was unprepared for his power, and awoke
in bondage, in the Marionette. A BDSM sexual device.

No escape.

At first she was his plaything.
He teased her ass and inner thighs and her pride
began to slip. Then the rape, the deep throat assault,
the drugged delirium. Jelly enema sputtered from her
asshole when she orgasmed, a sow surrendering
to her enslavement.

The Black Swan knew how to please her.
But his own pleasure was beyond human form.
He abandoned his male vessel and entered
the Marionette as a dark monster, a living horror
of tentacles and sexual machinery.

File size: 1.5 GB


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