[FLASH] JK Eroxi Monster Schoolhouse!!

**************** SCHOOLGIRL!!! ****************
It’s finally time to use this gun… I knew they’d come.
… That’s right, ever since I found out the school is a gateway
to a world of horrific monsters, I’ve been prepared.

All my friends are probably captured now… no reason to hold back.
The monsters are using girl’s privates… no, their pussies… to spawn new evil
and invade the world. Brutal monsters. Merciless. Tentacles and cocks
up their wombs continuously r*ping them.. I’m no exception.

I’m a girl too. If they catch me, I’ll be another gaping, cummy baby factory.

These monsters will fuck me to death if they get me. But to save
my friends and my school I have to wage war.

Let’s go!!

**************** ACTION!!! ****************
13 stages of side-scrolling gun action.
Shoot the hell out of a variety of horrific monsters that want your pussy.
If they get you, enjoy an assault movie with that monster, then GAME OVER.
You can play with keyboard or joystick.
Gameplay: 30-40 minutes (about 2 hours the first time)
Replay value in score attack mode, recommended for action game fans

**************** FEATURES!!! ****************
14 of illustration / 11 movies (9 of animation)
10+ assault endings / 5+ wins, pose arts, SD characters, etc.
15+ of voice

CG mode, bonus voice, level select, easy power ups and other secrets.
Clear the game to unlock hidden commands and access content.
High difficulty!

File size: 362.0 MB

http://netload.in/dateiuKpgEjVlVJ/JK Eroxi Monster Schoolhouse.zip.htm
JK Eroxi Monster Schoolhouse.zip


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