[H-GAME] 創刻のアテリアル

[H-GAME] 創刻のアテリアル

―― “力” を集め、堕ちた世界で生き残れ! ――

エウシュリーの “初めて” がたくさん盛り込まれたカードバトルSRPGが登場!
王道のファンタジーRPG・SLGを制作し続けてきた同ブランドが、なんとバトルシステムにTCG (トレーディングカードゲーム) を起用。
もちろんRPG初心者やTCG初心者も マニュアル要らずで遊べる親切設計なのでご安心を!
さらに、メインヒロインにお兄ちゃん(主人公)好き好きな “妹ズ” がいるのも大きな特徴っ!?

天使と協調するか、悪魔に魅入られるか、それとも自らの意思で運命を切り開くか。 その選択により、その後の展開が大きく変わっていく。
もはや周知のことだが、毎度練り込まれたエウシュリー作品はやり込み必至! 2012年のゴールデンウィークは 『創刻のアテリアル』 を遊び倒せ !!

歪秤世界とは “天使” と “悪魔”、伝説の存在が長きに渡り争う世界。
その他にも “クリエイター” と呼ばれる怪物が跋扈する、本当に危険な世界。


最終的には彼の選択によって、歪秤世界は “ある終結” へと導かれていく。

Product introduction
– Collecting the “power”, to survive in the world fell! –

SRPG Battle of Eushuri card appeared “for the first time” has been incorporated a lot!
Is the same brand has continued to produce a fantasy RPG · SLG of the royal road, appoint a (trading card game) TCG to what the battle system.
Rest assured that the friendly design keeps manual also play a beginner or novice RPG TCG of course!
Also that the school becomes the stage, also draw their hero comedy by students and youth for the first time, a story not to be spun up to now!
In addition, it has a big feature ~Tsu (hero) is “sister’s” Do not brother to the main heroine matter of taste?

The story, story world of the near future will be eroded to a different world, boys and girls woke up to go a different ability to survive a fantasy world.
Or to cooperate with the Angels, or carve out the destiny of their own volition or whether to be fascinated by the devil. Depending on what you choose, the subsequent deployment goes very different.
Mission over the map in a variety of colorful, so that is also available, such as maps and hidden sub-event, let us complete all the laps as many times as you want.
But that no longer known, was incorporated Neri always inevitable Eushuri work is included spear! Defeat the Golden Week holidays in 2012 to play the “Ateriaru of time” Yes!!

Present world “devil” and “Angel” with the world is distorted scales, compete over the long legendary.
Monster called the “creator” also has other domination, really dangerous world.

School students Kei second heaven was driven inexorably in the midst, we must decide what to do with oneself.
Depending on your selection, Some people make a mistake in the road.
Why partner with angel.
Why tie your hands with the devil.
Or what strong commitment to moderation.

Hardship, but also in what way, the hero is living while deepening the relationship between the family and friends.
Along the path chosen in the form, we also transformed way of life.
Eventually by his choice, we are led to the distortion world scale “end there”.
Where the hero was forced to go, but end up is ……

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