Klistier Cocktail

Launch Year: 1980
Workshop: Midtown
Cast: Woman M, Diana, Fred K
Styles: Pissing, Anal, Injection, Bizarre, Trio, Standard Sex, Hardcore, All Sex
Video clip language: English

anita feller is the starlet with the hardest porns ever before made in germany. she began in the very early 80ths with scenes that never ever been seen prior to, like rectal fisting and also kaviargames. right here is among them, called "KLISTIER ALCOHOLIC DRINK"
the motion picture begins with anita and also her sweetheart that piss anita right into the mouth. After that anita piss her sweetheart in the mouth, while she draws on her punctured cunt. after a little of asshole feeling and also butt- licking anita obtains a champanger klistier and also her sweetheart draws the expulsion directly from the asshole. after that provides anita her sweetheart an injection with her very own piss and also fucks her with vibrators till the spunk appears. after a little of pissing comes a pal of both women. they draw his penis while he is pissing. after some fucking and also butt- fucking the women are pissing on the pal. after that they fuck and also draw and also piss and also lick and also shit in every openings till the guy orgasms right into the mouth of both women. coole activity with numerous close-ups of all openings.

Layout: MPEG
Period: 1:27:52
Video clip: 512×384, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Sound: 187kbps

Submit dimension: 856.7 MEGABYTES


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