Mama San Bare ((Chichi Yuremanse))

It divides into four turns all day long.

Moreover, it delimits every hour, and ‘Who is made to practice which position?’ is selected respectively at the time of the guidance of volleyball.

Thus, it aims at the opposition victory profit guiding three members who have entered newly for two weeks.

– ‘Sisters bowl, bowl of rice with chicken and eggs, and bowl’

There are all between kin up to the character that can be captured mutually.

The wet place of each “Bowl” situation of mother and daughter, sisters, aunt, and niece …… is prepared.

– ‘Compete the Nuca’ is the first.

This work is a work of an easy easygoing victory.

It appeals to be able to enjoy neither the posture eager easily.

– Equipped with ‘Milk shake system’

As for the female character, the chest shakes to the standing picture and the event cutting by the situation.

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