Mood Pictures – Caning Competition Show

 Details: 40 min., cane (160 strokes total)

TV Shows are very popular all around the world, so Mood Pictures made its own one, The Caning Competition Show. Mood Pictures invited 3 girls to see who can take the most strokes of the cane. We announced on our website that we would invite somebody from our viewers as a guest to enjoy this show together with us. Somebody from the UK won the drawing, we were watching the show together with him, LIVE. He even shows up and talks to Pokemon in a mask. Each of the 3 girls were caned, but only one of them could win the Grand Prize. See this TV Show, how they suffer for the prize, how they endure the beating even when one of them is bleeding, how they fight against their pain… for the money!

File size: 568.0 MB

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