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I’m Chloe Dove, a slutty English girl who absolutely adores smoking. I’m not just another model hired to smoke for a website, I actually have a smoking fetish! I’ve always loved watching sexy women smoking cigarettes and cigars, and as soon as I got on the internet I started looking for smoking fetish pictures and videos. Smoking always gets me wet & horny, and since I smoke AT LEAST a pack a day, I’m always ready for some kinky smoky fun!

I adore everything about smoking, from buying a new pack, to sliding a fresh cigarette out and placing it between my lips so I can light it up and inhale all the sweet creamy white smoke inside me. Not only do I love smoking, but I also have a 100% genuine smoking fetish! So every time I light up my pussy gets all hot & moist as I take drag after drag, practicing my open mouth inhales, smoke rings, snap inhales, and french inhales. If you’re looking for the perfect smoking fetish girlfriend, you’ve come to the right place…

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