[3D FLASH] Poor Sakura Fight 2

This is a Realistic 3D adult game, You will control 3 monsters to defect and rape the girl untill her mind get broke and become your slave.

In our last story, Sakura was captured by the cave men, They brought her to arena everyday, they raped her one by one. In this game, You will be able to review the last story by highly detailed CG animations, And you will even be able to see the stories before that!

Then, you will play as Death Knight, who has tentacles all over his face. You took your pet to join the cave men party, rape and slave sakura whatever you like.

The control system is very similar to a fighting game, but don’t worry, The game is very easy, because you’re much stronger than sakura. The whole point of this game is not “Fight” but “Rape“.

Here’re some tips for you to get started:

“A” Key: Move forward
“D” Key: Move backward
“L” Key: Capture/Release Sakura
“J” Key : Punch/ Switch sex posture
“K” Key: Kick/ Call your mates to join

For your to know more about this game, we provided a free playable demo to download, In this trail version, The CG animations were masked with a blur filter, and all the sex animations were black masked, But don’t worry, All those mask will be gone in the full version. Hope you enjoy our game!
File size: 160.8 MB

http://netload.in/dateiHAUJgS2CUd/Poor Sakura Fight 2.zip.htm
Poor Sakura Fight 2.zip

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