Samson and Hercules in the land of the Amazons

Launch Year: 1998
Workshop: In-X-Cess
Cast: Erika Lindauer, Frank Weapon, Hakan Serbes, Gabriella Vincze, Kelly Trump, Maria Papp, Maria Szolontai, Mercedes, Regina Sipos, Simona Osborn, Sylvia Ross, Ursula Moore
Categories: Attribute & Vignettes
Video clip language: Italian

Hercules mosts likely to seek Samson that has actually been abducted by a lady gang and also winds up obtaining screwed in the process (even more methods than simply one). This is yet an additional hardcore flick from D’Amato that was just guiding these kind of flicks at this moment in his job. The reduced budget plan nature makes several of the scenes look really foolish yet I make sure several will certainly simply be below for the sex, which there is lots of. The cinematography is excellent as is normally the instance for D’Amato. The landscape of Greece is astonishing and also the collections used for this manufacturing are real. The real world building websites were utilized for the incredible sex scenes mainly in between Hakan and also the numerous ladies he fucks. The ladies in Samson are normally lovely ladies not inflated with phony busts, exaggerated hairstyles, lengthened nails and also make-up sufficient to make Tammy Faye cry in objection.

Layout: avi
Period: 1:23:22
Video clip: 608×448, XviD, 1481kbps
Sound: 125kbps

Submit dimension: 988.5 MEGABYTES


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