Newborn Matai with intellect? created with person’s hand?’Seal’

The future after tens of years now. Enterprise GST company of the medical treatment that invents life “Seal” that provides with the intellect by chance while developing the transplant manager body organization such as an artificial skin, blood, internal organs, and the artificial arm artificial legs plans to commercialize it as new manpower and the forces that divide this into the machine.

However, the happening that the prototype EM-AA (Emma) that cannot be owed to man’s hand since it sucks in knowledge without bounds escapes GST from the revolt and the research building happens. GST to fear the fall of the new item to which future of the company hangs to the hand of the other companies starts NE-11 of the seal for the combat that has been researched beforehand (flannel), and orders the capture of Emma who is concealing oneself somewhere in this facilities.

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