Crystal from shinyvideos. com

Videos of a girl called Crystal from a swimsuit/spandex fetish site called shinyvideos descriptions and screenshots are below

Rip Adidas Swimsuit
Crystal has a quick cigarette in this video before setting to her nice Blue adidas swimsuit. She rips up the swimsuit, but putting holes in it all over her body before she ends up nude with the swimsuit on the floor!
Shiny Videos Crystal Adidas Spandex.rar

Shinyvideos 2 – Crystal in Swimsuits
This is the latest video Featuring Crystal, she is new to the spandex/swimsuit video scene but she isn’t shy to enjoy herself in her swimsuits
In this video she wears:
Black Wetlook Rubberised Speedo s2000 Swimsuit
Blue Turtleneck Speedo s2000 Swimsuit
Purple Speedo Hyrdasuit
Black Wetlook Thong Swimsuit
White Speedo Hydrasuit
If you like tight fitting swimsuits, that show curves & camel toes then you will love this video!
After wearing all the different suits she then goes & showers in the white Speedo Hydrasuit.
Shiny Videos Crystal in Swimsuits Spandex 2.part1.rar
Shiny Videos Crystal in Swimsuits Spandex 2.part2.rar
Shiny Videos Crystal in Swimsuits Spandex 2.part3.rar

MSS3 – Muddy Shine

Lets Get Muddy!

Beth, Jess & Natalie head down to the River to have a play in the mud, as ever they are dressed in some very interesting outfits! Jess is in a pair of Purple Spandex Leggings & a Blue Swimsuit, Natalie in some Silver Leggings & a Wetlook Gold Thong Swimsuit & Beth in a Red Thong Leotard over some Wetlook Vinyl Spandex Leggings…

We follow them as they walk down, trying not to get caught by the neighbours as they head to the private ‘beach’ They soon get onto the mud & can’t wait to get messy! Beth & Natalie run out into the mudy & Natalie tries to wrestle Beth to the ground, they both end up in the mud & start throwing it at each other. Jess up until this point is still clean, so Natalie & Beth change that by throwing a load of mud at her too! Jess fights back throwing mud at the others before she is pulled closer & gets some nice hand prints on her Swimsuit. By this point Natalie & Beth’s spandex is getting very muddy! Natalie gets mud put down her boobs & Beth is pushed over & lands flat on her front.

They have lots of fun in the mud & come to show the camera how muddy they got before we follow them walk up the lane back to the cottage to get clean. The chat candidly about how fun it was & how the spandex feels all tight & muddy against their skin. Once back at the cottage we leave them to clean up in the bath… That was a right mess after they finished!

The 2nd Scene in this video features Anna going down to the Muddy beach on her own, dressed in some Black Wetlook Leggings & a Gold Wetlook Thong Swimsuit, we follow her walking down to the beach & posing but she isn’t too happy when she spots us filming her & falls in the mud. Its very very cold & windy & her nipples are poking through the swimsuit as we watch her slip slide about in the mud dressed in the tight & not so shiny spandex. She leaves the beach & we follow her back to watch her shower all the mud off & return the spandex & swimsuit back to its shiny self…


MSS3 Muddy Shine ShinyVideos.part1.rar

MSS3 Muddy Shine ShinyVideos.part2.rar

MSS3 Muddy Shine ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 3 – Crystal in More Swimsuits

This is the 2nd video Featuring Crystal, she enjoyed playing in her swimsuits last time, so is here to show off in them again.

In this video she wears:

Blue Speedo Hyrdasuit

Orange Fila Swimsuit

Black Addidas White Stripe Swimsuit

Black Wetlook Thong Swimsuit

Black Wetlook Rubberised Speedo s2000 Swimsuit

If you like tight fitting swimsuits, that show curves then you will love this video!

Crystal starts by doing the housework in her Blue Speedo, before posing in the living room & changing to a Orange Fila Swimsuit. She poses & stretches in this suit, before lying down & giving you a great view of her sexy body. After a while she changes to a Black Addidas suit that hugs her body & then onto the viewers favourite, the black wetlook thong swimsuit. She does more chores in the kitchen before posing & dancing in the living room. Finally she wears the Black Wetlook S2000 Swimsuit in the shower, covering it in Lube before washing it off.


Shiny Videos Crystal More Swimsuits Spandex 3.part1.rar

Shiny Videos Crystal More Swimsuits Spandex 3.part2.rar

Shiny Videos Crystal More Swimsuits Spandex 3.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 4 – Crystal in Spandex

Here is Crystal’s Fitness Video… Just in-time for you to get fit after all that Christmas Food….. Not….

Crystal Follows various Fitness routines on her TV, dressed in sexy shiny tight spandex!

In the first Scene She is dressed in a White Thong Leotard with Black Cycle Shorts. Following the Fitness routine, you get to see her sexy ass & boobs right through the routine, A fantasy come true? Wish you could get this close in real life?

In the 2nd scene she still following her fitness routine but this time in a red thong leotard & shiny tan tights.

The 3rd scene is Crystal resting & having a smoke in a Pink Longsleeved catsuit.

Before Scene 4 returns with more of Crystal dancing about in a sexy silver long sleeved leotard!


Shiny Videos Crystal in Spandex 4.part1.rar

Shiny Videos Crystal in Spandex 4.part2.rar

Shiny Videos Crystal in Spandex 4.part3.rar

Natalie and others

Videos of a girl called Natalie (actual its demi scott) with a few other girls from a swimsuit/spandex fetish site called shinyvideos

MSS2 – Natalie & Anna in Messy Spandex

Watch Natalie cover herself in Red Sticky Gunge whilst wearing a very Shiny & Tight Yellow catsuit. Watch as it covers her hair & soaks into the Spandex. Enjoy the moment she zips open the Catsuit & covers her massive Boobs in Gunge! Before removing the catsuit & making sure she is covered in Gunge Naked. Also watch her shower & clean up afterwards.

Along with Natalie in the Double Header…

Anna covers herself & a Black Unitard in custard. She pours it over the top, all over the unitard & even inside… You can see it fill up the Unitard & watch it Buldge Out. Anna Showers wearing the Unitard at the end to get clean.


MSS2 Natalie and Anna in Messy Spandex ShinyVideos.part1.rar

MSS2 Natalie and Anna in Messy Spandex ShinyVideos.part2.rar

MSS2 Natalie and Anna in Messy Spandex ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos AD1 – Natalie in Adidas

Natalie Dresses up in Various Adidas Shorts & Crop Top sets with Knee High Boots.

You get to see Natalie Fully Naked when she changes in & out of the Shorts & tops, when she changes from each outfit.

She also pulls the Shorts up her pussy to show off some great Cameltoes.

Great for Shiny Adidas, Boot & Cameltoe Lovers!


SV AD1 Natalie in Adidas ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV AD1 Natalie in Adidas ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV AD1 Natalie in Adidas ShinyVideos.part3.rar

SV38 – Beth, Jess & Natalie in Leotards & Pantyhose

We welcome back Beth, Jess & Natalie to Shinyvideos this month in a Leotard & Pantyhose Special.. Watch the girls Dance to Erik Prydz Call on Me, then after they are all hot & sweaty they head into the pool to carry on in the water! Also enjoy some cheerleading & a USA Themed Leotard with Very Shiny Pantyhose!

The first scene starts with Beth, Jess & Natalie warming up following the DVD, Natalie in a Silver Thong Leotard with Danskin Ultra Shimmery Pantyhose, Beth in a Blue Wetlook Leotard with Black Pantyhose & Jess in a Blue Thong Leotard with Yellow Spandex Leggings. Watch as they bend & stretch in front of you in HD! The girls chat about how difficult it is to follow the workout DVD & you get to see them from the front & rear (for lots of Shiny Thong Action!)

After trying out the workout in the Lounge, they decide to move into the swimming pool & try the same routine as water aerobics! Watch as the Leotards & Pantyhose get soaking wet & the girls carry on the fun in the pool. Later on they get out of the pool soaking wet & continue the workout on the pool side in the wet spandex! Following the routine turns into the girls playing in the water, pushing each other in & playing with the inflateable balls!

In the 2nd half of the video we return to the living room & the girls are all dressed in Skirted leotards with Shiny Tight Pantyhose. They chat about what they are wearing, discussing how short the skirts are & how they look in the pantyhose. Natalie suggests they do some cheerleading, and tells Beth she looks like a naughty cheerleader, so watch as they try the S-H-I-N-Y-V-I-D-E-O-S Cheer go spectacularly wrong!

The final 2 scenes feature Natalie on her own in the Red Skating Dress with Ultra Shimmery Danskin Pantyhose & a USA Leotard with Shiny Pantyhose…. She bends over, teases you & pulls camel toes in these sexy outfits, all shot in HD you can see how fantastic Natalie looks in Shiny Spandex & Pantyhose.


SV38 Beth Jess and Natalie in Leotards and Pantyhose 1 ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV38 Beth Jess and Natalie in Leotards and Pantyhose 1 ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV38 Beth Jess and Natalie in Leotards and Pantyhose 1 ShinyVideos.part3.rar


SV38 Beth Jess and Natalie in Leotards and Pantyhose 2 ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV38 Beth Jess and Natalie in Leotards and Pantyhose 2 ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV38 Beth Jess and Natalie in Leotards and Pantyhose 2 ShinyVideos.part3.rar

SV23 – Beth, Jess & Natalie Swimsuit Spectacular!

May we introduce Beth & Jess to Shinyvideos dot com Beth is the Petite Brunette & Jess is the taller of the 2 Girls. This release is a 2 Part video, In the 2nd Part they are joined by Natalie.

The First Scene Starts with Beth in a Navy Mizuno s2000 Swimsuit & Beth in a Black Wetlook Zipper Suit. They say hi & chat about which swimsuits they are wearing. They turn round & show off the front & the back . Beth looks fantastic the s2000 showing off her petite frame perfectly. They soon get upto some fun having a pillow fight, see the suits in action! They loose the pillows down the back of the sofa which means we get some fantastic shots of their swimsuit covered bums! The suits really cling to their bums! Lovely View!!

Next up we get Beth in a very sexy & shiny Purple Asics Swimsuit & Jess is in a Blue Red & White Diana One Piece. The shine on the Asics is fantastic & the Diana fits snugly on Jess. They introduce the suits the get up to do a nice dance for us, which gives us a great view of their bums as they turn, the fit on the Asics is fantastic, I do love a tight bum in swimsuits… Dancing as if they were in a Club, in Swimsuits… Now that would make me go to a Club! They sort each others hair sitting on a stool before getting up & having a look round the cottage, lots more fantastic shots of their swimsuit covered bodies!

Have you ever wondered how much fun it would be to watch 2 sexy girls play pool in wetlook swimsuits? – Well we did so we got Beth & Jess to have a game! Its a brilliant spectator sport if you love looking at tight bums bent over playing shots on a table. Beth is in a Green Wetlook Turtleneck Thong Swimsuit & Jess is in a Gold & Yellow number, enjoy the view of bent over bums & boobs trying to escape as they play their shots!

Natalie joins Beth & Jess in the Swimming Pool for the next part of the Video, Beth is wearing a White & Pink Asics, Jess a Red Adidas & Natalie a Plain Green OPS. The main idea of the next 30mins is for the girls to have fun & us to enjoy the view!

They all get in the pool & can’t wait to get their swimsuits all wet. They soon find a ball, and decide to play Piggy in the Middle, which means the middle girl has to try & catch the ball & whoever throws the ball & gets it caught is made to go in the middle. Its great fun & we get the chance to see the girls swimsuits in use! The camera zooms in on each to girl to get the best view! Beth’s white Swimsuit seems to have gone see-through quite soon & the cool pool area has got Nipples poking! Its great when the ball gets thrown out of the pool as the girls rush out boobs bouncing to get the ball in their soaking wet swimsuits! Natalie gets very bouncy in her green suit & Beth’s suit does get quite revealling!

Jess gives Natalie a Piggy back so she’s higher up so she can catch the ball, which gives us the ideal vantage point on her swimsuit covered bum. Jess then gets the same treatment by Natalie but gets dumped in the pool. Jess & Natalie then retrieve the ball, the red Adidas looking great & Jess looking soaked, hair & all.

Beth decides her swimsuit has gone a bit too see-through so goes to change into another suit. Natalie gets out to get a drink & we make sure we get lots of closeups of her sexy big boobs & wet swimsuit, Jess soon follows so we get some closeups of her fantastic swimsuit covered body.

Beth returns in the Purple Asics from earlier they have some more fun in the pool, Jess bombs into the pool & does a handstand underwater & they come up with a new game….

2 Balls, 3 Girls & whoever drops the ball has to do a forefit out of the pool on the side, lots of dripping wet sexy girls & swimsuits for you to enjoy!

Natalie (Green OPS) & Jess (Red Adidas) have to do 10 Body Pops..

Beth (Purple Asics) has to do 10 Star Jumps

Jess goes to change her Swimsuit & Beth (Purple Asics) has to do 10 Press Ups

Beth (Purple Asics) has to do a Funny Dance

Jess returns in a Blue Speedo & Natalie goes to change her Swimsuit.

Jess (Blue Speedo) has to do 10 Sit Ups

Beth (Purple Asics) has to do more Star Jumps & then has to touch her toes (Nice Bending shots!)

Natalie returns in a Black Adidas & Beth has to do the Chicken Dance!

Natalie (Black Adidas) has to do Star Jumps

The video finishes with all the girls out the pool so we can enjoy a last shot of wet swimsuits…


SV23 Beth Jess and Natalie Swimsuit Spectacular 1 ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV23 Beth Jess and Natalie Swimsuit Spectacular 1 ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV23 Beth Jess and Natalie Swimsuit Spectacular 1 ShinyVideos.part3.rar


SV23 Beth Jess and Natalie Swimsuit Spectacular 2 ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV23 Beth Jess and Natalie Swimsuit Spectacular 2 ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV23 Beth Jess and Natalie Swimsuit Spectacular 2 ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Nati video collection from shinyvideos

Shinyvideos 13 – Nati Outdoors in Swimsuits

This month we have the gorgeous Nati showing off her fantastic body in lots of Shiny Swimsuits. Filmed all outside in her Garden, she enjoys teasing you in a black zip up wetlook swimsuit, A very Sporty Hydrasuit & Aquablade, plus a very rare Full length Bodysuit.

In the first scene Nati can be seen posing in the garden in the very tight Blue Speedo Aquablade, she bends over to pick things up showing off her great bum, lots of stretching & just looking so sexy..

Next up is a Black Nike Swimsuit which she loves to show off in.

The third scene Nati gets the hosepipe out & enjoys playing with the water wearing the Full length Speedo Bodysuit. She tries not to get wet, but when the end comes off, she does!

If you love tight fitting swimsuits then this next scene will be right up your street, Nati squeezes into a Blue & green one piece, it clings to her bum so tight & she tells you how tight it is!

The 5th scene is a bit different, starting by wearing a wetlook skirt over the top of her black wetlook swimsuit. She teases you with the skirt, showing off a VPL before removing the skirt and allowing you to see the swimsuit in all its glory. Lots of Nipple shots through this swimsuit too!

The final scene see’s Nati in a Black Speedo Hydrasuit, highneck & very tight fitting, it fits Nati like a glove. She loves posing in this suit for you, as she knows its a favourite for a lot of you guys!


SV13 Nati Outdoors in Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV13 Nati Outdoors in Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV13 Nati Outdoors in Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 16 – Nati in Spandex

In this video Nati enjoys wearing various Spandex Leotards, Catsuits, Disco Jeans & Dresses Just for you!

Nati starts the video inside wearing a very tight & shiny Blue Spandex Dress, it was donated to her by a customer & she looks fantastic in it. She is trying things out to go out on a night out… What do you think? She then goes out into her garden to pose & enjoy how the dress feels.

The next outfit she tries on is a pair of Red Spandex Disco Jeans, again posing in the garden for you to enjoy, she bends over, poses & explains how the jeans feel & what she thinks about them… she loves them!

Thong Leotard & Cycle shorts… how 80s… Nati carries them off perfectly. She poses in her bedroom befre getting on her exercise bike to work up a sweat. I love the look of the red leo over the top of the green shorts.

Do you want to see Nati in a Catsuit? – A lot of people did so here we are, Nati in a Gold & White vaulting catsuit, she is still in her bedroom which means she can pose on the bed, giving you a great view of her head to toe in spandex, look how the catsuit clings to her bum & that cheeky smile!

More Disco Jeans… 🙂 This time Nati has some fun outside in a black pair with some interesting purple zebra markings & a pair of very shiny gold ones too! A must for Spandex Jean Lovers.

Towards the end of the video we get Nati outside in some Leotards….

Firstly a wetlook yellow one outside, which she does her gymnastic exercises in, forward rolls, stretches & wheel jumps… The leotard fits her so perfectly, you can see every line of her body. Once she is warmed up she then gets on her exercise bike again to work up a sweat, whats better than watching a sexy girl on a bike in spandex?

Next up is a Purple Reebok Leotard, its a bit small this one & only just covers Nati’s modesty, ever the trooper she still puts on a great show! You will love this scene!

The Final scene features Nati in a Black Thong back Leotard, outdoors once again, showing off how great she looks in anything tight & shiny.


SV16 Nati in Spandex ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV16 Nati in Spandex ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV16 Nati in Spandex ShinyVideos.part3.rar

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