Shinyvideos 18 – Nati in Spandex HD
We welcome Nati back to Shiny Videos with her first HD Spandex Video. This video is split into 2 sections, both having unique features.

Part 1
Nati goes to the Park to exercise, we film Nati running in a pair of Shiny Silver Spandex Shorts & Spandex Purple Crop Top. As she runs we follow her, you get to enjoy the tight Spandex from the front & behind, including Nati Jumping off the log & just generally enjoying herself in the Public Park.
We then move on to the running track where she does more stretches before doing a practise bleep test (no bleep but thats why it was a practice!) In Blue Spandex Leggings & a Speedo Crop Top. Enjoy the very shiny leggings & Nati’s wonderful body.
We also filmed her at the train station just before she went out for the night, what a sight… Very very tight Spandex Disco Jeans… She was watched the whole time that night I’m told….
SV18 Nati in Spandex HD 1 ShinyVideos.part1.rar
SV18 Nati in Spandex HD 1 ShinyVideos.part2.rar
SV18 Nati in Spandex HD 1 ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Part II

At Shinyvideos we get alsorts of Shiny Outfits reccomended to us & a company in America contacted us about featuring their Vinyl Spandex Leggings & Catsuits. We just had to buy a set & get Nati to show them off.

So Nati starts with a pair of Wetlook Vinyl Spandex Leggings, these were so Ultra Tight it took 3 of us to get Nati into them. She starts lying on a sofa before showing off how sexy she looks in them & how tight they are, bending over, reaching up & just generally being Nati…

The second scene is a bit more lively, Nati is dressed in a Baby Blue Vinyl Spandex Catsuit & she enjoys playing with some Balloons. She has a bed full of balloons which she enjoys trying to pop by squeezing them between her legs & the catsuit, jumping ontop of them, sitting on them & alsorts, If you like girls having fun in Spandex then this video is very fun! Unique I’m sure.

There is also a Bonus scene of Nati putting on some Black Pantyhose.


SV18 Nati in Spandex HD 2 ShinyVideos.part1.rar
SV18 Nati in Spandex HD 2 ShinyVideos.part2.rar
SV18 Nati in Spandex HD 2 ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 19 – Messy Nati

If you like WAM or Wet & Messy you’ll love Nati getting covered in Baby Oil, Custard, Eggs or Even Strawberry/Chocolate Sauce!

* Watch Nati get covered in Baby Oil in a Adidas Swimsuit

* Enjoy Nati Pouring Custard inside her Silver Lycra Leotard

* See Nati cover herself in eggs whilst wearing a Blue Spandex Leotard

* BONUS SCENE – Nati Gets Covered in Chocolate & Strawberry Sauce Whilst Topless!!


SV19 Messy Nati ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV19 Messy Nati ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV19 Messy Nati ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 8 – Nati & ToniLou

Nati (Brunette) & ToniLou (Blonde) Tell us all about their swimsuit choices for their summer holiday.

During the video they wear various swimsuits in front of camera, chatting & playing on the bed in sexy one piece swimsuits. They discuss how the swimsuits feel, whether they are shiny or tight. Whether they like the high cut or low cut swimsuits, whether they make their boobs look bigger, or whether their butt looks great in a particular suit.

They also have a great pillow fight after ToniLou said Nati’s butt was big & even get one set of swimsuits wet to see what they would look like after they came out of the pool.

A must Buy for any swimsuit fan, just what you’ve always wanted to sit in with 2 cute girls, talking & being girly about swimsuits!

There are 6 scenes where both Nati & ToniLou fetaure together in the swimsuits & a couple of solo scenes.


SV8 Nati and ToniLou ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV8 Nati and ToniLou ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV8 Nati and ToniLou ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos – Natalie in More Adidas

Natalie Puts on More Sexy Shiny Adidas Shorts & Crop Tops with Shiny Knee Length Boots!

If you like shiny boots & Adidas Sportswear then this video is for you!

You get to see Natalie Strip Naked, Put on some Shiny Adidas Shorts, Adidas Top & Knee Length Boots, pose & dance for you, before stripping naked & putting on a different pair of shorts & boots all over again!


SV Natalie in More Adidas ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV Natalie in More Adidas ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV Natalie in More Adidas ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos STK – Natalie in Stockings & Swimsuits

Natalie plays at home putting on a Green Asics swimsuit & a Gold Wetlook swimsuit with White Stockings, Suspenders & 2 pairs of Shiny Satin Panties.

You get to see Natalie Fully Naked when she changes in & out of the Swimsuits & to put the panties on, on the inside of the swimsuit & then over the outside.


SV STK Natalie in Stockings and Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV STK Natalie in Stockings and Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV STK Natalie in Stockings and Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 5 – Natalie at Home in Swimsuits

Natalie is our Newest Girl here at Shinyvideos, She has a sexy sleek body and just loves wearing tight & Shiny Swimsuits.

In her first video we catch up with her at home, doing her household jobs in some sexy swimsuits.

In this video she wears:

Red Speedo Swimsuit

Bronze Wetlook Foil Swimsuit – Buy Swimsuit

Black Speedo Aquablade Swimsuit

Blue Speedo Aquablade Swimsuit (& Black Spandex Shorts)

Black Wetlook Rubberised Speedo s2000 Swimsuit

Blue Wetlook Foil Thong Swimsuit – Buy Swimsuit

If you like tight fitting swimsuits, that show curves then you will love this video!

Natalie starts the video by having a cup of tea in her living room wearing a red speedo suit, she then moves into the kitchen to wash up & tidy the kitchen. She then poses for you in a Bronze Wetlook swimsuit before vacuuming the living room. In the third scene she sorts out her laundry & polishes her table wearing the Black Aquablade. She then changes into a Blue aquablade & black spandex shorts before putting the rubbish outsite & tidying up the driveway. She then chats about swimsuits in the conservatory. Later she shows off her sexy body in the Wetlook Speedo S2000 posing in the living room before finishing the video having a shower in a Blue Foil Thong Swimsuit.


SV5 Natalie at Home in Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV5 Natalie at Home in Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV5 Natalie at Home in Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 6 – Natalie in Spandex

Here is Natalie’s first spandex video. She enjoyed dressing up in swimsuits so much she said she’d like to try some spandex… So I lined up some great Shiny Catsuits, Leggings & a Leotard & got her to get them on.

Scene 1 starts with Natalie in a Blue Hologram Wetlook Dance Catsuit, one worn in Dance Competitions. The catsuit fits her sexy body, clinging to her bottom and looking beautiful over her chest. Natalie poses for you and shows you how good she looks in spandex.

Scene 2 Natalie moves into a Black Wetlook catsuit with sewn in feet. The catsuit has a central zip & she teases you bending over & describing how the catsuit feels against her skin. Posing on the sofa & standing up, you really get a good view of this catsuit!

Scene 3 gets interesting, starting in a White Thong Leotard, she poses for you before you watch her putting on a Purple Spandex Catsuit. Once in the catsuit she decides to do some excerises on her bench, once exercised she removes the catsuit & returns to wearing just the leotard.

Scenes 4,5 & 6 Enable Natalie to show off in some Gold, Silver & Black wetlook leggings which are all the fashion today, she shows you how tight they are & how great she looks in them. Lots of Butt shots here, she also has a spandex crop top on too.

Scene 7 is for all you sports fans… Natalie in Addidas Shorts & Crop Top, you see how tight the top is, squeezing her sizeable chest into the top & how tight & sexy the red shorts look on her fantastic body. Also wearing White Heeled Boots.


SV6 Natalie in Spandex ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV6 Natalie in Spandex ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV6 Natalie in Spandex ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 7 – Natalie in More Swimsuits

Here is Natalie’s 2nd Swimsuit Video! She is again showing off her sexy body in some tight & shiny swimsuits whilst doing jobs around the home.

Scene 1 starts with her Vaccuming the stairs whilst wearing a shiny Silver Hologram look Speedo Hydrasuit. You get some great shots of her from behind and the stunning view from the front.

In Scene 2 she tackles the dusting in a Blue Nike Legsuit, it clings to all her curves, showing off her fantastic legs. Lots of great shots covering all the angles!

Scene 3 & 4 Is our wetlook section, Natalie shows you how sexy she looks in a Black Wetlook Full Back Swimsuit & Black Wetlook Thong Swimsuit, (Buy Swimsuit) Both enhance her chest, and body. Very Very Shiny swimsuits, as you’ll see from the pics below

In Scene 5 she continues the Housework in a Silver TYR One Piece, This shiny tight swimsuit really fits her well!

Natalie Exercises on her bench in a Blue Nike One Piece in scene 6, Lots of thrusting in this scene to get your pulses racing. Once exercised, she showers in the swimsuit to cool down 🙂

There also a couple of Bonus scenes on this Video, Natalie in a Green Ascis One Piece with Stockings & Suspenders & Natalie in a Blue Leotard & Shiny Danskin Pantyhose.


SV7 Natalie in More Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV7 Natalie in More Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV7 Natalie in More Swimsuits ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos – Natalie, three different Jess’s and Beth

Mix of videos from shinyvideos first three are from the xxx site so do include nudity and thankfully unlike the Japanese swimsuit stuff none of the good bits are censored.

Shinyvideos Presents Jessica Pressley in Swimsuits!

The video starts with Jess in black wetlook leggings & tshirt, the shirt soon gets discarded to reveal a Blue Arena Swimsuit… The leggings come off after a few minutes to leave Jess wearing the swimsuit. She loves the feel of it against her boobs & clit, she loves pulling it to onside to show you her shaved pussy…. You get to see her playing with herself from all angles showing off her great body covered & uncovered in swimsuit!

Next up she starts nude & puts on a Gold wetlook swimsuit, she looks fantastic in this, it clings to her body & just shows how sexy she is. Once again the suit gets her horny, she can’t help but get her pussy out for you, enjoy her fingers exploring her wet hole…. Strips to naked at the end.

The 3rd scene features a very tight & shiny blue Adidas Swimsuit, it fits her body like a glove, her nipples poke through the suit & you can near enough see the outline of her pussy through the crotch! Wearing this swimsuit just gets her too horny after all wearing swimsuits & playing for you guys she just has to cum, she pulls the suit to onside & just has to finger herself, inside her wet hole her fingers go, touching the swimsuit & her boobs with the other hand… enjoy watching her cum… she finishes off by stuffing the swimsuit into her pussy… soaking up all her juice!

Next up is a challenge… no-one has managed to fit in this blue legsuit yet… so Jess has a go… she is so slim that she fits in, watch her squirm getting in & then bouncing on her exercise ball!

I know you guys love watching girls put on swimsuits so I get Jess to put on a yellow suit, its nearly see through, you can enjoy the shine & her nipples poke through.

If you like see-through or Japanese Swimsuits you will love this final scene… Jess is in her shower room in a white Asics Swimsuit, preparing to have a shower in the suit. She knows you guys love seeing her body & the swimsuit get wet, so she gets the water running & heads on into the shower. As she slowly wets the swimsuit it goes see-through, enjoy viewing her boobs & pussy. As she slowly washes herself the warm water starts to make her horny again.. She just has to start playing with her clit; she tells you what she’s going to do, whilst the camera zooms in so you can have a perfect view of fuckabe Jess fingering herself until she cums in a see-through swimsuit in the shower! Aren’t you lucky!


Shinyvideos Presents Jessica Pressley in Swimsuits.part1.rar

Shinyvideos Presents Jessica Pressley in Swimsuits.part2.rar

Shinyvideos Presents Jessica Pressley in Swimsuits.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 12 – Jessica & Scarlett

We welcome Back Jessica to Shinyvideos but this time she has brought her friend Scarlett Along with her.

Filmed in their home, we watch them have fun dressing up in lots of shiny outfits which are all the rage nowadays. They have a fun afternoon trying on outfits, dancing to music, chatting & playing up for the camera, all in tight & shiny outfits!

The video starts with them both jumping up & down on the sofa in identical gold hologram swimsuits, boobs & bums bouncing up & down in tight shiny swimsuits, what could be better? They touch & tease each other, playing with each other�s boobs through the swimsuit & spanking each other’s bums. The swimsuits fit very snuggly & Jessica’s boobs just want to burst out. The Girls are very lively & bounce about all over the living room, getting a drink of wine & playing with their puppy dog. At the end of the scene they help each other get naked ready to put the next set of shiny outfits on.

In the next scene you watch the girls put one some wetlook leotards & Shiny Pantyhose, Scarlett in the Green & Jessica in the Pink Leotard with White Pantyhose. They help each other getting dressed, Jessica looks like a ballerina & Scarlett thinks she looks like a 80s chick. They get their wine out again & have a chat, talking about how the leotards feel & how smooth the pantyhose is. They lie & cuddle on the sofa before bursting into laughter when their puppy tries to steal the limelight! After some sexy dancing & showing off the leotards some more they decide to pick out a new outfit and help each other get naked.

Catsuits are the order of the day in this scene, You start by seeing Jessica put on a Gold & white Vaulting Catsuit & Jessica a Blue wetlook Zentai Catsuit. They think the zentai is funny & half way through the video they swap outfits, with Jessica even allowing Scarlett to Zip her fully up, so she’s fully enclosed. They play bicycles led down on the sofa & show off the catsuits to you before deciding its time for something else, again stripping naked letting you see Jessica’s great boobs & Scarletts fantastic bum.

The next scene is for all you swimsuit lovers… 2 very sexy girls in 2 very tight & shiny swimsuits, one speedo one adidas. They squeeze into the swimsuits & quickly find they love the feeling, after having a quick dance, they settle down on the sofa & to enjoy some chocolate. Lying together, chatting they show off a great view of the swimsuits, including closeup shots of all the sexy areas. They cuddle dance & even fight with each other, making wedgies with each others swimsuit before Scarlett lies ontop of Jessica & they have a loving embrace and kiss each other, they must enjoy it! as a few seconds later scarlett’s ontop again kissing Jessica full on the lips. wow! what sexy girls! They help each other out of the swimsuits, so they are ready & naked for the last set of outfits.

The girls choose thong leotards for the last scene, Jessica in Blue, Scarlett in red, They start chatting, enjoying their wine & comparing the leotards, trying to decide which looks best… They dance together, touching & feeling each others leotard, bum & boobs & generally showing off their gorgeous bodies, whilst just been girlie… As ever they finish by stripping naked & having a naked cuddle.


SV12 Jessica and Scarlett ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV12 Jessica and Scarlett ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV12 Jessica and Scarlett ShinyVideos.part3.rar

Shinyvideos 9 Jessica

This video comes in 2 sections, 27 minutes of Swimsuits & 33 Minutes of Spandex. Jessica Dresses up in Shiny Tight Swimsuits & Tight Adidas Shorts with Boots, plus you get to see her Naked in all her Glory.

The swimsuit part starts with Jessica in a Cressi Swim Fire Latex/Neoprene Swimsuit, she poses for you in her bedroom before showing off the very shiny suit, including a great shot of a cameltoe. She then pulls the swimsuit to one side to show you her great shaved pussy! Once on her bed she shows you more before playing with herself.

The next scene she starts naked before putting on a Black Adidas One Piece, playing with herself on the bed & posing for you against the wall. She then moves into the bathroom & gets messy, covering the swimsuit & herself in baby oil, the suit gets really shiny, lots of great shots of her oiled up swimsuit, boobs & pussy. She strips naked at the end & makes sure you have seen everything!

A bonus on this section are 2 short scenes where she takes off the black adidas suit & puts on & takes off a blue speedo swimsuit.

The adidas section of the video includes 3 10min scenes of Jessica Putting on 3 sets of Adidas Shorts & Top with Shiny Black Knee Length Boots. This was done as a Custom Video for a customer orignially.

In each scene you get to see Jessica strip naked, put on the boots, shorts & top, show off the outfit, before playing with her boobs, pussy & butt. You get a great view of all, including lots of cameltoes, made by pulling the shorts up into her pussy! She then strips at the end.


SV9 Jessica ShinyVideos.part1.rar

SV9 Jessica ShinyVideos.part2.rar

SV9 Jessica ShinyVideos.part3.rar


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