tour_m.jpgName: Monika
Age: 29
Location: Prague
Occupation: personal assistent
Characteristics: personal assistant

Lots of Czech girls and women have tried to make it into the porn scene. Many succeeded, and there was a time when Czech pussies were the most sought after kind of slits in Europe. Yeah, those were the times. But only few of the girls got to the absolute top, to claim the throne as porn queens, legends for life… You can count such women on the fingers of your hand, and imagine that – one such porn queen decided to take part in CzechCasting! Meet Monika, alias Monica Sweetheart. Cool, huh?! This exceptional twenty nine year old beauty disappeared a few years back in the dark places of „civilian life“… but this Venus emerges once again, materialising on our famous white couch! This whole time, she was making a living as an attractive personal assistant, but it seems that her crotch is on fire once again. And once a porn queen’s crotch fire gets lit, it’s gonna take at least few thousand dicks grinded to exhaustion to sate it’s lust… Let’s see how fit sweet Monika is after five years of regular mortal-style fucking 😉 Enjoy this exceptional moment of Czech porn history!

WMV 1280×720 17:49 750MB
CzechCasting Monika 2507.part1.rar
CzechCasting Monika 2507.part2.rar
CzechCasting Monika 2507.part3.rar

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