tour_m.jpgName: Katerina
Age: 32
Location: Prague
Occupation: celebrity – who’s seen her in a musical?
Characteristics: celebrity – who’s seen her in a musical?

Before you watch today’s CzechCasting video, take a deep breath. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride. We managed to trap some exclusive prey – a great-looking, platinum blonde babe in her thirties named Katerina. She left our cameraman wide-eyed, sitting gracefully on our white sofa, a woman beautiful as a rose in bloom. Isn’t she familiar to you? She even told us that she used to play and dance in musicals, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find out where. Perhaps one of you guys will “snoop” her out! 🙂 But of course, this whole casting project revolves around one thing only – how will Katerina look at our offer to fuck a stranger for 500 Crowns? Will she, or will she not turn our “unique” offer down? Carefully watch the interview, where she said something about her “massaging” job in England. She didn’t actually reveal what parts of client’s body she rubs with her beautiful hands. 🙂 Isn’t that strange?

WMV 1280×720 13:39 311MB
CzechCasting Katerina 2843.part1.rar
CzechCasting Katerina 2843.part2.rar
CzechCasting Katerina 2843.part3.rar

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