tour_m.jpg Name: Marketa
Age: 30
Location: Policka
Occupation: non-stop barmaid
Characteristics: Cs or Ds?

Gentlemen, if you like women with their cleavage stuffed almost to bursting, we have another speciality. This time, a very nice chick in her thirties came knocking on our door. Her name is Markéta and she comes from a distant, small town called “Policky”. During the interview, she presented herself as a very relaxed girl who has a boyfriend, but otherwise no real obligations. When you add her dancing talent and a nice figure, it seems that her career as a model is inevitable. And we didn’t even mention Marketa’s biggest advantage and her primary weapons system yet: A pair of luxurious boobs. She said that she has Cs, but we really don’t think so. I’m sure there are a lot of experts among you, who can analyze her top gear and determine the correct size. After all, look at it, these can’t be “mere” Ds. She didn’t turn the offer to fuck on camera for 500 Crowns down, and very willingly and expertly stretched her legs so that a stranger could sweep her chimney. This girl really has some serious talent. Just look at her!

WMV 1280×720 29:03 659MB
CzechCasting Marketa 3334.part1.rar
CzechCasting Marketa 3334.part2.rar
CzechCasting Marketa 3334.part3.rar

Date: December 14, 2011

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