tour_m.jpgName: Petra
Age: 22
Location: Prague
Occupation: 50% waitress, 50% barmaid
Characteristics: 50% good girl, 50% whore, 100% awesome

You could say that Petra is an attractive, but otherwise quite ordinary girl. That’s how we saw her at first glance… But everything changed during the interview. She said that she lives with her mother and that she made some porn videos recently to get some much needed dough. That’s hardcore, huh? Her mom is absolutely pissed and Petra almost ended up on the street. But she got a second chance and now it depends on her… And how will she use it? We don’t know what’s happening in Petra’s head, but it has to be something really weird. No one can explain how fast she appeared on our casting and agreed (totally without any thought) to our offer to let us fuck her for the “incredible” price of five hundred Czech Crowns. I think she can enjoy some happy family time, until her mom looks on the internet this morning and sees how her daughter (still “on probation”) fucked a stranger for money on camera. Let’s roll!

WMV 1280×720 29:43 669MB
CzechCasting Petra 8905.part1.rar
CzechCasting Petra 8905.part2.rar
CzechCasting Petra 8905.part3.rar

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