CZECH CASTING Barbora 3416
Name: Barbora
Age: 20
Location: Jicin
Occupation: jobless
Characteristics: a big surprise

If you met Barbora on the street, you wouldn’t probably give her a second look. She is just an ordinary girl, what’s worse, she looks like good Christian girl. So nothing for you. How surprised would you be if you found out this little inexpressive girl is a porn star? It was hard to believe for us too, because even during the interview, she seemed too good for this business. How can one be betrayed by his eyes… As soon as Barbora took off her clothes, she was a completely different person. Hungry sexual beast, craving for a cock. She gave our cameraman a sweet blowjob so he had to use all his strength to stay focused and not to drop the camera on the ground. I bet you’ll be surprised the say way he was. Enjoy yourself.

WMV 1280×720 24:12 549MB

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