tour_m.jpgName: Denisa
Age: 24
Location: Prague
Occupation: high-schooler
Characteristics: good girl

For today’s CzechCasting, we’ve prepared a nice blond teen from Prague. Her name is Denisa, she’s barely nineteen and she’s as fresh as they get. She told us that she’s slowly preparing for her final high school exam and that shejust had a break-up. She also rather strongly stated that she’ll not go any further than an underwear photo-shoot. Little did she know that our talented cameraman specializes in changing young girl’s minds! The moment she stood in front of the camera lens, she started acting like the little obedient, nice girl she is deep down. She reacted to every command without any sign of protest. So, after a little while, this little flower was bare naked, presenting us with her cute little tits and a sweet, almost untouched pussy. Good girl. How did her story end? Did Denisa continue to act like a good girl and decide to accept our generous offer? Five hundred Crowns will sure do her good (with her student budget), don’t you think?

WMV 1280×720 13:32 307MB

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