Czech Casting Gabriela 3436

tour_m.jpg Name: Gabriela
Age: 21
Location: Roudnice
Occupation: kindergarten teacher
Characteristics: horny kindergarten teacher

Kindergarten teacher, that sounds quite cute and innocent, doesn’t it? It corresponds with Gabriela’s look, she’s sweet girl you would like to make love to. But wait, did she just say she had pierced nipples and clit? Yeah, she did!! This is not an average teacher, definitely not the kind you are used to. No love making, here comes hard fucking. And if you wanted to please her, that’s exactly what you should do to her. She’s wild and needs to be tamed. Do you dare to accept this challenge?

WMV 1280×720 15:37 354MB
Czech Casting HD Gabriela 3436.part1.rar
Czech Casting HD Gabriela 3436.part2.rar
Czech Casting HD Gabriela 3436.part3.rar

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