Czech Casting Katka 3422

tour_m.jpg Name: Katka
Age: 31
Location: Prague
Occupation: photo model
Characteristics: mature, hot and smart

You don’t meet woman like Katka every day. She’s stunningly beautiful, dark hair, deep dark eyes and wonderful body. She has a body of 20 years old and experience of 31 years old, is there anything you could wish for more? She’s extraordinary in another way too: she’s intelligent and she knows what she wants. She combines beauty and intelligence, that’s a rare combination. But well, who cares about brains when you can see her wonderful tits, right? She will let you see much more than just tits. Go ahead, watch it, like it, enjoy it.

WMV 1280×720 22:44 516MB
Czech Casting HD Katka 3422.part1.rar
Czech Casting HD Katka 3422.part2.rar
Czech Casting HD Katka 3422.part3.rar

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