tour_m.jpg Name: Lucie
Age: 23
Location: Prague
Occupation: high-class secretary
Characteristics: a nice body

Take a careful look at this blonde named Lucie who earned the main role in today’s CzechCasting. What do you say? She’s a really pretty twenty three year old from the harsh Orlicke mountains who moved to the capital in order to search for happiness. She got a nice job in an office and has a special title printed on her business card: Lucie – office manager. She’s in a relationship, she’s very likeable and her body is just astonishing. You’ll appreciate it too while watching her underwear fall down and the first limelight touches her pale skin. At that moment, you’ll probably experience the same feelings as our highly trained cameraman. While watching her exquisite pussy, you’ll have an irresistible need to… lick something warm and sweet 😉 But Lucie is a decent and shy girl, who said she won’t strip. We decided to change her mind about that. How successfull were we at confincing her? Coma and watch today’s episode of “The White Couch Stories“!

WMV 1280×720 18:46 375MB

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