tour_m.jpg Name: Lucie
Age: 23
Location: Brno
Occupation: Collecting unemployment benefits
Characteristics: miniature boobs

Our today’s girl is from Brno. Her name is Lucie and she definitely isn’t a girl that would go wild… quite the opposite. This gentle and lovely brunette, looking like a blinking doll from a child’s room, looks like an innocent angel, the best pupil in class and a beauty queen at once. And a daddy’s girl too, of course. But beware, it seems that that’s just THE perfect cover up. Lucie provided some quite self-aware answers to our inquiring questions and had some strong opinions. She tried to use her chastity as a smoke screen and asserted that she would never remove her underwear before a camera. That piqued our interest – our cameraman’s in particular… Will she pass our first character test and strip down before the camera? It was enough just to ask and Lucie willingly threw her underwear in the corner and showed us her sweet girly body. Excellent! And what about the “other” exam? Will she hold her legs together or will she spread them apart and let herself get fucked? The answer? Well, you don’t often find five hundred Czech Crowns lying on the street just like that…

WMV 1280×720 15:45 357MB

Date: March 25, 2012

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