CZECH CASTING Michaela 5212

tour_m.jpg Name: Michaela
Age: 25
Location: Litvinov
Occupation: unemployed social worker
Characteristics: E cups? No! F cups? No way! G cups? … MM cups!

If you don’t believe us, run to Litvinov. There’s more than just that big ass chemical plant and a bunch of hockey players. Now we know that Litvinov is also the home of twenty five year old Michaela, whose breast size is unrivaled amongst the social workers of Czech Republic (even the notoriously busty ones). We dare to say it is unrivaled in the whole of North Bohemia. This likeable twist isn’t just about overgrown mammary glands. She is a nice and cheerful girl – and a pretty gift to the world as well, because she was born just two days prior to Christmas Day. In addition, she was so cute being all nervous and shy… Well, it was her first casting, so no surprise there. We would like to let the archeologists know they should turn their attention in the search for the model of the legendary symbol of feminine beauty, the Venus of Dolni Vestonice, to Michaela’s ancestors. It is guaranteed they’ll be successful. Just take a look, the resemblance is unbelievable!

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